Your passport may be collecting dust, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for you to go on a holiday, or should we say, a Singapoliday. Staycations, sea-cations or even a daycation in Singapore, anyone? And now, you can even travel… back in time to the last remaining kampong in Singapore.

01a front door

Local tour company Let’s Go Tour Singapore has just launched a tour of Kampong Buangkok, one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets. In two hours, you’ll get to witness something that you’ve probably only heard about from your parents, grandparents or social studies textbook. 

On the tour, you’ll learn about life from the residents of the kampong (no, they’re not all old), discover the history of kampongs, and even get to visit the house of the ‘village chief’.

Groups for the Kampong Experience private tours are kept small (for obvious reasons). Prices start from $200 for a group of up to three people. The kampong tour is among a series of Let’s Go Tour Singapore’s newly-launched 10 tours specially developed for locals.

This is what it’s like to travel back in time to the last surviving kampong in Singapore:

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