Watch Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Destroy Each Other With Jokes

Prepare to bowl over in laughter.

From a modern day Cinderella story to Hollywood A-listers delivering dad jokes, your entertainment this week is settled. 

Down With It

This video features young people with Down Syndrome telling folks how to react to the birth of a child with the condition. There are lots of things you can say, but ‘sorry’ is definitely not one of them. After all, who gets off telling new parents how sorry they are that their baby has arrived?

War Games

This Sony PlayStation ad for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II follows a pair of star-crossed fanatics on opposite sides of the galactic war. Their rivalry sees them try to one-up each other with increasingly elaborate stunts through the years, and ends with an epic battle of the sexes. Guys, if you find a girl who loves playing video games as much as you, never let her go.

Modern Tales

If Prince Charming had social media back when Cinderella disappeared into the night, they might have been reunited quicker. Or not. This mini-movie for a UK retailer puts a modern spin on the old tale with social media playing fairy godmother. Alas, it eventually takes Scotsman Ewan McGregor, who’d been narrating the tale all along, to bring the pair together.

Who’s The Real Daddy?

To promote their new comedy Daddy’s Home 2, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg took to what has become a popular stage – YouTube channel All Def Digital’s You Laugh, You Lose segment. The two actors face off by telling dad jokes to each other, and the first one to laugh loses. Will’s a comedic genius, but we must say Wahlberg holds his own very well. Did they write their own jokes, though?

Just Desserts

We all know how utterly obnoxious some drivers can be, but wait until you watch this. In this ep of Australian docu-series Highway Patrol, cops spot a car going above the speed limit and issue him a fine. The driver flings the ticket away in his car, mutters some disrespectful words, and scoots off. Above the speed limit. Again. Of course, he received his second ticket immediately. Road rage, much?


8ss2711 heart to change 1

8ss2711 heart to change 2

8ss2711 heart to change 3

Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, sexual assault has hogged headlines, with hashtags like #MeToo and #MeAt14 leading the dialogue on social media. And now, a 28-year-old Singaporean lawyer has started this website for sexual harassment victims to share their stories anonymously. The creator was inspired by her own experiences with a former boss, who bullied her at work after she spurned his advances. The stories shared on this site range from verbal harassment to molest and even rape. Some accounts hit too close to home — literally — from flight attendants with a local carrier who get harassed at work to a local male editor’s shady behaviour towards an unsuspecting freelance writer.


8ss2711 unreal 1

8ss2711 unreal 2

8ss2711 unreal 3

American candy maker UnReal has a nifty little game on its interactive site. It takes you to outer space in a flight simulator to retrieve, er, stolen chocolate. Stuck? American football superstar Tom Brady steps in to help (without Gisele, sorry). What’s the connection? It’s all part of a promo to win a chance to meet Tom Brady for US customers, but for those of us in this part of the world, it’s a great way to while away the time on the MRT. 


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