Watch What Happens When You Quit Sugar For A Month

It's not what you think.

From watching a couple quit sugar to reliving Owen Wilson's iconic catchphrase, these videos will pull you through the week.

Drive Time

Need help getting through to your sullen teenagers? All you need is a Subaru. This ad, featuring the 2019 Ascent SUV, opens with a family road trip. While the younger daughter is visibly excited by what’s ahead, the teenage daughter is more interested in her handphone. Figures. But all that changes when they finally reach their destination. If only it were so easy.


We know that too much sugar isn’t good for us, but what is it really like to avoid all those delectable sweet treats? YouTuber WheezyWaiter and his wife Chyna quit sugar entirely for a month to find out. Yes, it was torturous at first, even inconvenient at times. But there’s a silver lining — and we’re not just referring to the weight they lost. The video is over 10 minutes long, but it’s so snarky and snappy, it’s way more fun than listening to a doctor drone on and on.

Horizon Force

What happens when you get a David Attenborough-type presenter to narrate the script for a loud and boisterous racing game like Forza Horizon 4? This. Seasoned voice acting legend Maurice LaMarche shows up for what he thinks is a nature documentary. As he waxes lyrical about picturesque scenes of nature in the game in a grandiose baritone, fleets of screeching cars tear through said picturesque scenes. The juxtaposition is hilarious. 

East Meets West

This 13-minute short film by Finnair celebrates the airline’s 35-year partnership with Helsinki Airport and how they’ve been connecting East and West together for years. In the short, a photographer from Korea flies to Finland in the hopes of convincing his favourite author, a painfully reclusive woman, to finally having her portrait taken. Watch to the end to see what happens. 


There’s been little else in showbiz history that’s as iconic and joy-inducing as Owen Wilson’s favourite catchphrase. What is it? “Wow.” This video traces his career in chronological order, from Shanghai Noon to Cars 3, by way of his monosyllabic brilliance.

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