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Karma chameleon

This latest online fad from China features participants taking selfie videos that depict their instant transformation — from looking like they're just vegging out at home, they’re instantly glammed up and looking like they're ready to hit the clubs. They lip sync to Kreayshawn’s ‘Gucci Gucci’ as their fabulous self is unveiled (literally; watch to see it for yourself) after they mutter the words: “Karma’s a b****.” Why? Because looking on-point is best revenge against your enemies — which is the whole premise of this viral meme. Puzzling? Yes. But aren’t they all?

Past, Present, Future

Elton John recently announced his retirement in grand style with a little help from modern technology. The flamboyant troubadour re-created his illustrious career in a six-minute VR short film, which featured a CGI version of himself, sparkling sequins and all, from his heyday in the ’70s to the present. 

Hey Now, Haiti

Conan’s international episodes, where he travels and mingles with locals, sees the talkshow host in a Haitian school this time. What better way for America to atone for the POTUS’ uncouth remarks about the country than sending their funniest man over? Kudos to Conan for always making himself the butt of the jokes to brighten the children’s day, and for showing us all that Haiti is far from a ****hole country.

Wrong Fit

This hilarious sketch is a reminder to Fitbit fanatics not to take it so seriously. It features a woman desperate to meet her Fitbit goals for the day. She tries to cajole her co-workers to hit the stairwell with her, but they all have their own versions of Fitbit that rule their lives — like the “Fatbit,” which tracks how often they’re fat-shamed.

Road Trip

This documentary-style ad for Uber features Fred, a personable 80-year-old driver with a colourful past as an entertainment director in Las Vegas. To reward him for having the most in-app compliments from passengers, Uber surprised him with a blast from the past. It may make you want to strike up a conversation with your driver next time. No guarantees they’ll be as interesting, though. 

Sound Travel

sound 1

sound 2

What music did people in Cambodia listen to in 1910? What was on Korean radio way before the birth of K-pop? This site takes you through the centuries and across countries to hear a sample of music that was popular from 1900 until now — anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for new (old) music, this is the best place to start. 


album 1

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album 3
album 4

Russian artist Igor Lipchanskiy loves thinking out of the box, or should we say, out of album covers. He imagines what goes on beyond the frames of famous cover sleeves when he joins in the art-making action, to hilarious effect. There’s more to the picture than meets the eye indeed — if you leave it up to your imagination, that is.

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