Watch The Train Etiquette Ad Singapore Could Use

Our trains need a different kind of superhero.

Get ready for quirky entertainment that'll kickstart your week - from an unexpected twist in a nostalgia-filled clip to defeating nasty subway habits with style.


One of the most challenging things to do these days is to go through an entire dinner without looking at your phone. Comedian Will Ferrell reminds us how technology disconnects us in these hilarious PSAs showing a family’s struggle to bond over dinner. Do yourself a favour and put the phone down already.


Commuting via public transport is enough of a hassle without having to deal with the likes of seat hoggers and aisle blockers. To promote commuter etiquette, LA Metro borrows a little Japanese pizzazz with a series of quirky PSAs featuring Super Kind, a J-pop superstar by day and mass-transit-riding superhero by night, battling her nemesis, a furry orange monster called Rude Dude.


This sentimental ad for a candy store sees an old man wandering through his now abandoned old school. He walks through the empty hallways and looks inside old lockers and abandoned trophy cases before coming to his old classroom. He then reaches under his desk for a wad of gum he’d stuck there in his youth and, shockingly, pops it back in his mouth. There’s only so much nostalgia we can take. Eww!


There’s a weird satisfaction you get from watching dominos fall over each other — especially in carefully designed layouts. The chain reaction you see in this clip involves strings, sticks, cylinders, stacked chips and more. While you get hypnotised by these domino tricks, pay special attention to the symphony of sounds that results. Makes you wonder how much time the creators spent planning and setting everything up.


Would you want to live forever? What are the consequences of an increased life span? This latest video by educational YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell tackles the issue of our inevitable deaths. If you’re interested in philosophical ideas presented in an easily-digestible way, start your existentialist crisis by checking out the channel’s other videos, which lend an entertaining and insightful take on matters such as depression, aliens, war, overpopulation, and more.


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Utilising Google Earth’s satellite images, the Land Lines
site allows you to explore urban and natural landscapes through your very own drawings. Use the ‘draw’ function to find images that match your doodles, and use the ‘drag’ function to create an infinite line of connected rivers, highways and coastlines. It’s kind of like doodling something and then discovering which real-life landscape your creation resembles. If you want to ‘travel’ to somewhere random, write your name and see what comes up.


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The next time you’re going through a creative slump, or just need a chuckle to get through a dreary workday, hop over to this idea generator. Give Me Human Truth is the brainchild of two ad creatives that churns out hilarious oh-my-god-so-true everyday thoughts to fire up your inspiration. Here are some of our favourites.


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