Watch The Eclipse In 3D Glory

Or listen to Stephen Fry tell you a bedtime story.

This week we have a good mix of online finds to make you laugh and think. From watching an adorable little girl rip her 'boyfriend' apart to witnessing an eclipse, we keep you entertained. 

Tyke Rant

You do not want to mess with this little Mean Girl. Annoyed that her boyfriend hung out with another girl at playgroup, she decides to give him a piece of her mind. On her pink toy phone. She starts by calling the situation “ridiculous”, then warns him to “never, ever, [do that] ever again” before calling him “nothing”. Poor kid.

His & Hers

Do you stereotype boys and girls? In this experiment by BBC, which sets out to show our natural prejudices about gender, adults are made to choose toys for two kids. The girl gets toys like dolls and stuffed animals, while the boy is given robots and puzzles. Unbeknown to the adults, both kids are actually dressed as the opposite sex.

Rainbow Connection

A group of do-gooders Down Under turned Monday morning frowns into smiles when they surprised bleary commuters on their way to work. After thanking everyone for dragging themselves out of the warm beds, they hand out lyrics to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and incite a spontaneous sing-along session. Sure could’ve used these guys during our commute to work this morning.


8ss2808 product 1 online

8ss2808 product 2 online

8ss2808 product 3 online

For every successful start-up, there are many others that have failed, though they’re certainly not forgotten. Product Graveyard pays homage to the ghosts of tech past like music streaming service Grooveshark (its demise was due to legal disputes). With a ‘death toll’ of 1,056 and counting, the site’s ‘obituaries’ detail the product’s lifespan, cause of death and its memorable traits. You can even share a eulogy or submit an autopsy report on a product that you loved., anyone?

TOTAL Eclipse

8ss2808 eclipse 1 online

8ss2808 eclipse 2 online

Unfortunately, we couldn’t witness the Aug 21 solar eclipse from Singapore. But all you FOMO folks out there can (sorta) join in the fun by heading to NASA’s interactive 3D simulation that shows you the view of the eclipse from locations where the eclipse can actually be viewed from. You can even view what an eclipse looks like from the moon or the sun. How’s that for an out-of-this-world experience?

Keep calm and carry ohm

8ss2808 calm 1 online

8ss2808 calm 2 online

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety in 10 minutes. This site provides a daily crash course series in meditation, each around 10 minutes long, to help you achieve mindfulness and a clear mind. There are even free stories told by master storytellers like comedian Stephen Fry to help you sleep. Coupled with soothing ambient sounds of lakes and chirping birds, this is a sanctuary you can plug into during your lunch break — and still have time left over for a sandwich.

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