Watch SNL Make Fun Of Disgraced Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein

Harvey deserves it.

From Tom Hardy reading you a bedtime story to watching Saturday Night Live's take on Harvey Weinstein, start your week right with these online gems.

Fight Club

It doesn’t matter how old and wise you get, sibling rivalry never really dies as this pair of elderly sisters show. Their childhoods may be long behind them, but feisty grandmas Gramma, 102, and Ginger, 97, still bicker like they’re kids over the most petty things. It’s pretty hilarious until you realise that could be you and your sibs in a couple of decades.

Hot Dreams

When CBeebies, BBC’s kids network, invites Tom Hardy to tell a bedtime story about a sausage dog trying to find her place in the world, we know it won’t be just the little tykes watching. The moral of the story: the dog eventually learns that being herself is the best way to be. So mums (and dads), don’t be shy about watching this with your child and getting hypnotised by the hunky actor.

Lost and Found

Parents, to ensure your child has an unmarred childhood, invest in a digital tracker. Not for them, but their favourite toys. Inspired by an actual customer, this ad, which may bring on a case of PTSD for some, follows the adventures of an anthropomorphic plush panda who goes on an epic journey to be found. Childhood is tough enough without having to grieve lost bears.

Social Clicks

To illustrate the seriousness of cyberbullying, this social experiment plays out actual online scenarios in real life. A homophobe tells a couple to kill themselves, a woman accuses a Muslim woman of being a terrorist and a girl is fat shamed. Shockingly, the hateful comments are real examples, but hearteningly, instead of ignoring the bullies like they may online, incensed onlookers actually step in to help. There’s hope yet.

Harvey Dented

Saturday Night Live’s sketch on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where the Hollywood mega producer allegedly sexually assaulted dozens of aspiring actresses and models, sees three actresses discussing their experience with sexual harassment in a round table discussion.  One of them chimes: “I actually did have one meeting with Harvey. I was invited to his hotel room, and when I arrived, he was naked, hanging upside from a monkey bar. He tried to trick me into thinking his genitals were actually his face. The resemblance is uncanny.” This is proof that TV gold is possible without any backing from Weinstein.


plucker 1

plucker 2

plucker 3

If watching Dr Pimple Popper poke, prod and pop those pesky offenders grosses you out, this viral Instagram account may be a less stomach-churning option. Tweezist features nothing but videos (and more videos!) of ingrown hair extractions. Just like pimple popping vids, it’s gross galore, minus the blood, pus and gore. Mostly. Yet, it’s strangely satisfying to watch, as the five-month-old account’s 60K followers can attest to. Here are screenshots of a less graphic extraction-in-progress we can publish without ew regurgitating your lunch.

Give Me The Present

presibot 2

presibot 3

For those of us who hate shopping for presents, Presibot is here to the rescue. After selecting the occasion, receiver’s age, budget, the site churns out gift suggestions and a link to Amazon where you can purchase it on the spot. Even if you don’t get to find the perfect gift, you’re bound to get some inspiration. 

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