Watch How Police Recruitment Is Done Right In New Zealand

And other videos you should watch.

Get your mid-week entertainment from a slew of ingenious ads and one police recruitment video that'll make you question your career choice (unless you're already a cop).

Music And Movement

According to Apple’s holiday ad, a combination of AirPods, iPhone X and Sam Smith could put you on the right path to love. The video features a woman who is so caught up listening to Smith’s ‘Palace’ on her phone that she bumps into a total stranger. She proceeds to pass him one of her Airpods and they dance through the snowy streets together. Who needs Tinder?


How To Sleigh Christmas

Going shopping during this time of the year can feel a lot like a battle. Things are even worse if you drive, as this Audi ad shows. Armed with their shiny sports sedans, two dads are forced to out-manoeuvre each other as they hunt down the one remaining parking spot at a mall. Just stay home already.


Bling It On

Humour site Cracked takes a snarky swipe at the diamond industry with this video illustrating how millennials are ‘killing’ the business. It’s hardly surprising that the bling’s popularity has been declining among millennials — this savvy bunch knows that it’s all a marketing campaign started by a diamond cartel in the 1940s. What’s worse is that diamonds aren’t that rare — their supply is restricted to keep prices high. So, are they still a girl’s best friend?


Baa Baa Rad Sheep

Diesel’s artistic director, Nicola Formichetti, has declared war on the ugly Christmas sweater. He comes up with the tagline ‘Say No to Uncool Wool’, but can’t settle on the campaign’s central motif until he sees a sheep, which he decides to dress in Diesel threads. The campaign also includes a tongue-in-cheek documentary on how to dress a sheep.


Not A Cop Out

This light-hearted police recruitment video from Auckland features actual cops, from the police commissioner to a new recruit. What’s more amazing is how much effort was put in to reflect the racial diversity of the Kiwi police force, and their commitment to “being the safest country.” But in all honesty, this video is so fun to watch that we wanna be a police officer when we grow up.



If the Hollywood celebs busted for sexual misconduct had a #nofilter damage-control playbook, it might read something like the lines churned out by Celebrity Perv Apology Generator. The site mocks the #sorrynotsorry mea culpa of disgraced predators-in-power like Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey. From memory lapse (“I do not recall the events...”) to the transgression-trivialising “boys locker room talk”, these excuses compiled by a journalist sheds light on the clichés oft-used by these accused abusers. Have fun matching these real-life-inspired non-apologies with their real-life culprits.


Good One, Kiddo

This interactive online exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art tracks the evolution of the well-being of kids in the past 100 years. Called Century of the Child, the collection is arranged into seven sections where you can view artworks like paintings and lithographs, all of which show different issues children have faced and the environments they’ve lived in from the 1900s to the 2000s. Unconventional parenting tips, anyone?

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