Watch Batman Turn Into A Ninja In This Groundbreaking Anime Trailer

Plus some Christmas memes for good measure.

Never be bored with these captivating videos about the future of Christmas, hilarious memes, and a unique rendition of The Dark Knight in feudal Japan. 

Christmas Future

The future depicted in this ad for a German supermarket chain is not bright at all. Humans have all but disappeared in this futuristic wasteland ruled by artificial intelligence. However, one bot decides to break away from the humdrum of its routine existence in search of something more. He finds it when he connects with a human family over a bountiful spread. Food, it seems, is a universal language in any era.

Santa Flaws

The adorable little boy in this ad for a French grocery store wants just one thing for Christmas: for Santa to lose weight. The poor lad is so concerned over Santa’s expanding belly he decides to put him on a strict diet. In his quest to help Santa eat better, he ends up falling in love with the culinary arts. We say it’s probably the best gift Santa could’ve ever given him.

Bench It

Ever wondered why there are no comfortable benches in the parks or at train stations? This video explains how public benches are designed to be uncomfortable to prevent people from hogging the seats or sleeping there. Apparently, such ‘defensive designs’ help keep the streets safer and cleaner. Is it time to design nicer looking trash bins then?  

Anime I help you? 

Wash away the bad aftertaste of Justice League with this trailer of the Japanese animated film featuring the Dark Knight in feudal Japan. Joining him are reimagined versions of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Robin, Nightwing, Two-Face and more. Creator of anime-hit Afro Samurai, Takashi Okazaki, helms character design, resulting in a sharp and uncanny aesthetic of the 3-D anime style. Too bad Batman Ninja only drops in 2018.

Say What?

This hilarious ad for Air New Zealand pokes fun at the Kiwi accent and opens with Santa taking direct requests from kids on the phone. Apparently, Santa’s quite the linguist — he manages a call in Chinese like a pro — but he gets stumped when it comes to the Kiwis, and ends up with odd requests like a biscuit ball, a puggy bank and an ear plane. Maybe all those lousy presents you’ve been getting are the result of bad diction. 


It all started when Melania Trump’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of a White House hallway decked out for the holidays, looking all shiny and…fright. Unsurprisingly, the ho-ho-ho-horrific Christmas deco got memes manifesting on the Internet faster than ghouls in an abandoned asylum. Here are some of our favourites to get your Yuletide chill, we mean, cheer on.

The Original Photo: 

meme original

The Memes:

meme 1

meme 2

meme 3

Under One Roof
We bet you’ve never seen a survey quite like this. OneSharedHouse2030 is a research project on the future of co-living, and part of the site is a questionnaire to see if this lifestyle will fit you. Answer questions such as what items you would be comfortable sharing, or who you’d prefer to co-live with (Ryan Gosling not included). Other than being fun and aesthetically pleasing, it gives a good idea of how co-living may play out in the near future — and how you can prepare for it. 

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