Watch A Vid To Give You The Courage You Need For 2018

Spoiler alert: It involves creepy crawlies.

When was the word 'Bitcoin' first used? How does it feel like to be bitten by a giant centipede? How can a laxative ad be so funny? All these and more right here, right now.

Border Patrol

Canadians may be the butt of jokes in America, but the folks in the North have the last laugh in this amusing video in support of Canadian films. It shows an actual alien at the border wreaking havoc in a Canadian homeowner’s backyard. He then calmly drives it to its spaceship at the border only to have the Men in Black show up rain down gunfire on it.

Old News

An ageing news media outlet in Japan likens its attempt to stay relevant in the modern information age to a pair of old men picking up young women. When the wrinkly dudes fall flat trying to impress a pair of bikini babes, they hit the gym to tighten up their act. The next time we see them, they’re lean, mean bronzed Adonises in the prime of their youth. If only it were that easy.

Once Bitten, Not Shy 

Welcome to the world of Coyote Peterson, the fearless and, some say, crazy wildlife educator and YouTube personality. He shot to fame being bitten, stung, and attacked by everything from bullet ants to alligators. This time, the American explorer, who’s appeared on Conan and has nearly 9mil subscribers on YouTube, faces one of his greatest fears: the giant desert centipede. Of course, the highlight of the video is the bite itself, but Coyote’s videos are often exciting and educational right from the start. You’ll fall in love with him (and the wildlife) if you haven’t already. Just don’t try this at home.

Effective Terror

Since 2000, over 30 children have died in Northern Ireland because of speeding accidents, and one road safety advert has a way of relaying that morbid fact to audiences. We won’t spoil it for you (but really, what could possibly happen in a speeding ad?), but it was deemed unsuitable to be broadcast on-air in Ireland before 9pm because children might be watching. Still, better a scare from the TV screen than the windshield, don’t you think?

Lax Rules

Those of you with stubborn bowels may relate to this hilarious video promoting laxative use. A woman, decked out in full ’80s glory, preens herself in the ladies room. When she steps out, her colleagues are shocked to see her. It seems entire decades have passed while she was on the throne. 

A Write To The Past

words 1 online

words 2 online

With the Bitcoin craze going on right now, don’t you want to know when the word ‘Bitcoin’ was first used in print? Now Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler can tell us exactly that. 2015’s word was ‘aquafaba’, “a liquid that results when beans are cooked in water”, and came from a vegan food trend in 2015. ‘Alt-right’ was first used in 2009, which preceded the rise of Donald Trump. ‘Bitcoin’? 2008. Now you know why words matter? Start paying attention for the ‘new’ words now.


yorker online 1

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Rejected The New Yorker covers get a new lease of life on this site, The Not Yorker. It was created by illustrators whose, you guessed it, submissions were repeatedly snubbed by the prestigious publication. The site also comes with a hilarious disclaimer: “We encourage illustrators to submit their rejected covers here, so that they might have the opportunity to be rejected by us as well.” Yeowch! 

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