Visit Faroe Islands From The Comfort Of Your Office Cubicle

And find out how to say goodbye to the hassle of applying for travel visas.

This week’s online finds are a goldmine for travel junkies, while others may tug at your heartstrings regarding adoption and climate change. Sit back, relax and go site-seeing.

Love Notes

While some couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolate, wine and roses, this husband and wife duo created a viral lip sync video honouring an array of classic love songs through the decades. And in full costume, too. Talk about relationship goals.

Watch Dog

There’s nothing quite like puppy love. Based on a true story, this heart-warming ad for LG, which has racked up over 10mil views on YouTube, is inspired by a dog owner who used the brand’s home surveillance camera service to take care of her ailing pooch. Guess there are sweeter uses for that webcam than spying on the help.

Home Alone

This haunting award-winning short film takes you on the emotional journey of a foster child. The immersive story is told through the eyes of a young girl and follows her heart-breaking journey as she attempts to find some sense of stability while being moved from home to home. Have tissues ready.


2108 visa 1

2108 visa 2

You’ve got a serious case of wanderlust but the hassle of visa applications stands in the way. Do your homework at VisaDB, which lists all the countries you can visit without a visa. Enter your travel deets and this web tool does the magic for you, giving you information about visas (if required), application methods, among others. There are also plans to include visa info for those looking to live, study, work or migrate abroad. It also compares cost of living between your destination and home country. Now we know that a McDonald’s combo meal in the Maldives costs 53 per cent more than in Singapore.



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2108 clmate 2

Nothing screams reality check more than seeing with your own eyes the effects of global warming, whether it’s the melting of the Arctic ice caps or the deforestation in the Amazon. NASA’s Images of Change gallery provides a quick comparison of various landscapes undergoing changes — and it’s usually for the worse, duh. While not everything is a result of global warming, the site is a sombre reminder that change is the only constant. Unless we do something about it.


2108 faroe 1

2108 faroe 2

Now this is a tourism board’s site with a difference. From stunning pictures and gifs to a 360-degree view of the unspoiled archipelago between Norway and Iceland (from a sheep’s point of view, no less), clicking around on the Visit Faroe Islands tourism site is like a trip to the place itself. Ish. All these visual and interactive treats are on top of beautifully-presented tourist info. Now, what would a 360-degree video of the Merlion’s point of view of our waterfront look like? Singapore Tourism Board, you’re welcome.

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