Try Beating The Human Catalogue

Plus Nine Other Videos To Complete Your Weekend

From hilarious dad jokes to Blade Runner short films to witnessing the human catalogue in action, this F1 weekend is exciting both indoors and out. 

Rain Man

Hurricanes in the western hemisphere are hogging headlines now. If you ever wanted to truly understand what’s happening (without physically being there), watch this. This weatherman is clear, engaging, and honest, and explains the hurricanes’ trajectories and wind speed without tapping into fear. He’s so articulate we want him to explain other things we never understood, like stocks, quantum physics, and Trump.

Dad Jokes, Best Jokes

In this comedy face-off web series, two funnymen tell each other dad jokes in a bid to gain points when their opponent cracks up. This ep had us in stiches: think original, slightly lewd jokes that reference pop culture. Some of them are so unexpectedly funny, the joke-teller himself actually breaks into a chuckle and loses a point. 

Ice Scream

Ice cream as the stuff of nightmares? Maybe, if you’re lactose-intolerant or the woman in this disturbing ice cream ad. The scene shows the disoriented woman in an all-white room being force-fed the creamy dessert by a robot as it tells her in a deadpan voice that everyone she loves is dead. Not our idea of comfort food.

Drinking Buddy

What’s better than a bottomless barrel of Bud Light? How about your own personal beer vendor? However, as this guy finds out, it’s not as great as it sounds, especially when the human beer dispenser starts showing up at the most inopportune moments, like in the shower or at a funeral. 

get a Moo on It

Food company Organic Valley sets out to prove that their products are as natural and organic as they claim by strapping fitness trackers on its cows as they graze in the pasture. Turns out, their bovines take more steps a day than most people. Well, that’s one way to walk the walk.

Show Runner

Movie trailers are so yesterday. To entice audiences into theatres, Blade Runner 2049’s director Denis Villeneuve tasked three directors to produce three different short films instead. Directed by Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son), the first short, Nexus: 2036, bridges the 30-year span between movies and features Jared Leto introducing his character in the latest installment. You had us at ‘Jared Leto’.

Remember This?

While some of us can barely remember what we had for breakfast, Yanjaa Wintersoul can list what everyone else had to eat, and then some. Ikea put her mega memory to the test by getting her to memorise their entire catalogue. Not only does she get all the impossible-to-pronounce names of bookcases right, she even recalls all the minute vagaries. Impressive.

Sound Mind

Carmakers Volvo don’t just want to sell you cars. They also want to inspire you. One of their new ads focuses on a professional violinist whose career is halted following a catastrophic brain injury. However, she overcomes the odds and manages to rejoin her orchestra using technology that translates brainwaves into melodic phrases. Where do we sign up?

The Reel Joffrey

For Game of Thrones fans, the name Joffrey Baratheon would typically evoke some loathing. The obnoxious, cruel, and utterly repulsive character takes a 180-degree spin in this short clip — Joffrey is reimagined as a romantic Lothario in a rom-com. If you have friends about to start watching GoT, show them this and try convincing them that Joffrey is the hero fighting for justice.

Too Real, Bo

At first, the genius comedian Bo Burnham seems to rattle on and on about trivialities like fitting his hands into a Pringles can. But the performance soon turns into a meta-take on the audience-performer relationship, mental health, and the shallow predictability of the entertainment world. Bo took inspiration from Kanye’s ranting for this spectacular performance. But unlike Kanye, he has a problem being at the top of his game. Warning: prepare for shivers at the end.


online 1809

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online 1809 3

If you’re guilty of turning to Google for advice on anything and everything, you’re not alone. This visual essay, created by Google’s News Lab and visual data journalist Xaquín G.V., shows you the most Googled how-to’s, from domestic doubts (how to fix a toilet) to the painfully obvious (how to boil an egg). Compare worldwide trends for searches on how to fix things around the house by filtering results by country. Who knew that Singaporeans were so clueless about fixing doors and windows?

Know Thyself

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Could understanding our emotions be the key to removing all suffering? The Dalai Lama (who commissioned this site) and site-creator, renowned psychologist Dr Paul Ekman, certainly think so. This easy-to-use site teaches you about different emotions you experience, the causes, and how to deal with them. If you want to be Zen, pay special attention to the ‘Strategies’ page when the Dalai Lama speaks to Dr. Ekman about attaining peace of mind.

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