If you’re thinking of collecting your TraceTogether (TT) Token tomorrow (Oct 28), don’t. 

Distribution will be halted for one day and resume on Oct 29. But following that, you won't be able to just waltz in to any collection point to pick up your TT token.

From Oct 29, TT Tokens will be distributed by constituencies. This means that new collection points will open one constituency at a time. Residents should only collect their TT tokens from their designated collection venues in their own constituencies, scheduled to start at specific dates (full schedule below).

This will kick off on Oct 29 at Marsiling CC. More Community Centres/Clubs (CCs) will progressively be distributing TT Tokens from October to December.

However, those who are already using the TT app can continue using the app on a smartphone, without having to collect the token.

The mode of distribution has been changed in order to prevent long queues. For the past six weeks, residents could go to 38 CCs to pick up their TT Tokens, regardless of their place of residence. However, demand surged over the past week (people reportedly waited line for up to two hours), following an announcement that TT-only SafeEntry check-ins will be compulsory at several popular venues and events, such as cinemas, live events and malls.

Residents in constituencies where the initial 38 CCs were open for collection, however, will not be able to collect their TT tokens until the second half of December, when all CCs will be opened for collection.

Plan when you’ll be collecting your TraceTogether token with the full list of collection venues and distribution dates below:


tt3 schedule data

Dates above are tentative. For updates, go to