This Weekend, Go To A Gig Where Classic Singapore Music Gets A Modern Twist

Music and chapteh will be involved. What's not to love?

See and hear it for yourself at the Great Singapore Replay showcase this Saturday (Sept 9). In June, 25 popular local tunes from the 1960s to 2000s were hosted online for public voting; and after close to 16,000 votes, the top 10 Singapore classic hits were remade through collaborations between emerging and established home-grown artists.

From 4pm onwards, audiences can look forward to hearing the original compositions by emerging artists, Debbi Koh, Umar Sirhan, Theodora, Jasmine Sokko, JAWN, Joie Tan, Shak’thiya, The Betts, Spacedays, and .gif. At 9pm, each emerging artist will do a live performance of the remade songs which they have been working with the established artists to create.

Apart from the live performances, there are also traditional games such as chapteh facilitated by We Are Majulah and live drum performance by MOTUS, among other fringe activities designed for families and friends. Equal parts nostalgia and discovery, this gig is a must for any music-lover.

Pop-Up Noise: The Great Singapore Replay is on Sept 9 at Clarke Quay Central, 4pm till late. For more info and to listen to the replay jams, go to

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