If you’re finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing Covid-19 regulations in Singapore, you’re not alone. In fact, someone was so frustrated that there wasn't a one-stop website to easily check for the most updated safe distancing regulations that he decided to create one himself.

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The newly-launched Safe Distancing Sg website gives you the clear and concise lowdown of the latest community measures, and it's got a URL that you won't forget:

Rules are split up into various categories, and the site sums up the rules in easy-to-digest bullet points.

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And nope, while the site gets the information from and the Ministry of Health website, this was not created by the government. Instead, it was created by “a random citizen volunteer who just wants to help make Singapore better”, according to its About Us snippet.

The man behind the non-profit tech-for-good project is Jason Leow, who also masterminded websites such as Dabao Dash, a community board matching freelance delivery riders with hawkers and small to medium F&B stalls.

Jason penned a note to reveal why he made Safe Distancing Sg: “I realised each time I want to check the latest safe distancing restrictions, I have to Google it but end up getting confused by the outdated news articles and past [government] press releases.

“There isn’t one constant, easy-to-remember link that I can refer to each time the rules are updated. So in the end, I made one myself.”

The site is updated and run by volunteers, but there is a link to make a small donation to help Jason keep his various non-profit projects going.

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Photos: Safe Distancing Sg screenshots, Jasmine Teo