Whether you’re new to buying art or are a home owner wanting to spruce up your abode without breaking the bank, here’s a new art gallery in town that you could explore.

Carré D’artistes is a French art gallery that wants to debunk the myth that buying art is atas and expensive. It belongs to a global network of contemporary art galleries, and opened its first outpost in Singapore at Paragon Shopping Centre in April. Its main aim is to make buying art accessible — both in the shopping experience and, best of all, prices.

Carré D’artistes galleries worldwide operate on a fixed pricing system — pieces are priced solely on size, regardless of artists, technique or medium. This bold concept in the art scene started 20 years ago in France where the first Carré D’artistes gallery is located. Since then, the concept has taken off and there are over 30 franchises in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Beijing.

Here in Singapore, prices start at $190 for a 13 x 13cm piece (measures 20 x 20cm framed up). There are bigger pieces available as well: 19cmx19cm ($390), 25cmx25cm ($650) and 36cm x 36cm ($1,300).

The gallery at Paragon houses over 600 art pieces by 18 international artists, and has a broad range of styles, so we don’t blame you if you need a little more time to select your favourites. To make the shopping experience more pleasant, art pieces here are displayed on open racks, so that customers can browse and flip through the pieces like they would if they were shopping for vinyl records in a record store.

gallery photo interior 3

Gallery staff will even help you place the artwork in different frames so you can better visualise how it’d fit with your home décor. Now that’s something you won’t find at a traditional gallery.

According to Sebastien Chen, owner of Carré D’artistes in Singapore, the most popular types of art among customers in Singapore landscape, abstract and pop art. “People purchase art to bring happiness, pleasant memories and colours to their home interior, or to their loved ones when buying art as a gift,” he says.

Carré d’artistes is at #04-08 Paragon Shopping Centre, 290 Orchard Rd. Open 11am-8pm daily. More info here.

Photos: Carré d’artistes