This Is How Much Mothers Would Earn If Being A Mum Were An Actual Paying Job

Impress Mum with these mum-numental facts.

What are you getting the most important woman in your life this Mother's Day? If you need inspiration, the most popular pressies are flowers, gift cards and jewellery, though gifting experiences, such as a spa day package, is on the rise, with 29 per cent of mums expressing interest in receiving them. Americans are projected to spend US$180 (S$240) each on gifts, according to the US National Retail Federation. Here are more mom-tastic facts you could use to impress mummy dearest with. 

US$67,619 (S$89,628)
The estimated annual wage that a mum would earn, if it were actually a paying job, according to a 2017 index by an insurance company. Of that sum, US$23,452 is earned from taking care of the kids, US$9,204 from planning activities, US$7,662 from cooking and US$7,860 for helping with homework. Wanna repay Mummy? Do so on Mother’s Day on May 13.

The year Mother’s Day was first celebrated in West Virginia, USA. Founder Anna Jarvis had campaigned for three years to make the occasion a recognised holiday after her mother’s death, to mark a day to honour mothers and motherhood. 

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The most no. of babies delivered in a single birth to survive — American psychiatric technician Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, gave birth to six boys and two girls in 2009. 

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Total weight a Singaporean woman lost after her husband dumped her while she was pregnant last year. He Ting Luan made the news after shedding the weight post-childbirth — she went from 95 kg to 53 kg — and the investment firm CEO will participate in the Mrs Singapore Pageant to inspire others.

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