This Epic Ping Pong Video May Inspire You to Take Up The Sport

Plus, other must-watch vids.

Get through the week with these YouTube selects.

Beach, please

It’s easy to take beaches for granted in a small island like ours. But this video, which shows the pure bliss of a bunch of foster kids seeing the ocean for the first time, will make you appreciate the fact that we’re surrounded by water, even if that water is murky at the best of times. It’s still a beach, okay?

Power Ladies

Think of a Miss America pageant and dumb blondes in bikinis swirling batons come to mind. To rebrand their image, organisers have eliminated the swimsuit portion of the competition, swapped ‘pageant’ for ‘competition’ and upped their entry criteria. The contestants this time round are some of the brainiest hotties around with Harvard grads and neuroscience majors. Miss Singapore organisers, take notes, please.

Snack Attack

If you don’t eat your Snickers, you could turn into Elton John. This hilarious ad, packed with hip-hop talents like Monique Lawz and Femi Nylander, shows famished rapper, Boogie, being possessed by Elton John during a rap battle and singing, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ instead of dropping hot lyrical rhymes. Talk about hunger pangs.

Smack Down

Even if you don’t play table tennis, it’s hard not to appreciate the ingenuity found in this YouTube gem. Japanese table tennis player Takkyuu Geinin created this compilation of table tennis trick shots that go from jaw dropping to downright hilarious. Plus, it even has a happy ending. Sort of. 

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