Stranger Things Is Baaack — 7 Things You Should Know Before Your Binge-Fest

Waffles for afternoon tea, anyone?

Stranger Things returns to turn your world Upside Down again — the sophomore season of the Netflix hit is now available to stream on Netflix. Prep yourself for a weekend of binge-watching with these factoids about the series.

15 to 20
No. of Eggo waffles that Millie Bobby Brown said she ate while filming the first season of Netflix hit Stranger Things. It’s surprisingly little, considering how Eggo-obsessed Eleven, the 12-year-old actress’ mind-reading character, is. She's become synonymous with waffles since the supernatural sci-fi hit series became a pop culture phenom when it was released last July. El’s diet expands in season two, which is set to turn the world Upside Down on Oct 27 on Netflix.

US$48mil (S$64mil)
How much it reportedly cost to produce the eight episodes in the pilot season. It’s chump change, compared to the most expensive Netflix series produced. With a price tag of US$130mil, The Crown — the biographical drama about Queen Elizabeth II — is also the costliest TV series. Ever. Well, they did have to re-create a life-sized replica of the Buckingham Palace and over 7,000 costumes.   

Nearly 2,000
No. of kids who auditioned for the six main parts that catapulted Millie Bobby Brown and co. to fame. 

How much Kellogg, which owns Eggo waffles, paid for product placement in Stranger Things Yup, it’s all organic — the snack’s prominent place in the show, that is.

No. of viewers aged 18 to 49 who watched the Netflix original series within its first 35 days on the streaming service. Only Fuller House Season 1 and Orange is the New Black Season 4 have raked in more viewers in the same timeframe.

Unauthorised Stranger Things pop-up bar in Chicago that Netflix sent a cease-and-desist letter to. It was done with a dose of humour too, kicking off with this killer line: “My walkie talkie is busted so I had to write this note instead.”


1 in 1mil
People affected with cleidocranial dysplasia, the condition that Dustin (played by the adorbs Gaten Matarazzo; above, second from right), who speaks with a lisp, has. The 14-year-old Gaten has the same genetic disease that affects the growth of bones and teeth. In fact, the condition was written in to the show just for him.




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