Stop The Virulent Epidemic Of Posting Shirtless Photos On Social Media, Say The People Behind This Quirky Ad

Is it abs-olutely necessary?

Among our YouTube finds of the week: perfecting your posture and purging the plague of shirtless guys on social media.

Shirt the Issue

According to this tongue-in-cheek ad, “every 7.3 seconds, a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt.” To counter the spread of men’s shirtless selfies on social network platforms, underwear brand, Fruit of the Loom, urges friends and families to slap #PutAShirtOn on shirtless selfies. Will you do your part to stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness?

Heat Rock

Could this rapper be the next Kanye West? Tobe Nwige is a rapper from Houston who, like many other aspiring musicians, has been hustling away but has gained no real fame and recognition. But Nwigwe’s latest music video for his song ‘Heat Rock’ may just tip him into popularity. Featuring a no-cut video of him dancing smoothly along with the oddly catchy and original beat, the lyrics speak of the ills of the music industry. Quite meta. Kanye handle this?

Friends in Need

Loneliness is a big problem in cities with a large ageing population like the UK. And the cure may just be a ‘Hello’ away. ‘Be More Us’ is a Brit campaign that hopes to address the problem by reminding grown-ups how easy it is to make friends. And who better for the job than children? This video sees kids striking up adorable conversations with complete adult strangers in a café with heartwarming results. That might not be the way to go in some countries, though. 

Debt’s Not The Way

Being debt-free is an event worth celebrating. To mark the momentous achievement, a financial company in the US planned an epic “debt graduation” ceremony for a customer who paid off her student loan. The OTT celebration included cheering friends and family, a hot air balloon, a marching band, a flash mob and lots of confetti. We doubt the banks would have much to celebrate if we all became debt-free.

Straighten Up

If you’re hunched over the computer for long hours, this video by a body trainer from Canada is for you. From explaining why bad posture shouldn’t be ignored to demonstrating corrective exercises, which target the shoulders and back, this video will help you stand (or sit) corrected in no time. But take note to follow every single step of his routine from start to finish to see results.


You never know when you need a knot, whether you’re out hiking or fishing or just doing simple household tasks. This site lists all sorts of knots for all sorts of occasions, and most importantly, includes clear pictures and instructions on how to tie those knots. Included are also in-depth details about uses and variations, and what dangers to look out in terms of imposter knots and the breaking threshold. Knotty and nice. 

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