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Someone's Stalking Your Instagram - Find Out Who Now

And other internet gems to complete your week.

Someone's Stalking Your Instagram - Find Out Who Now

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites and entertaining videos for your entertainment. This week's finds include three thought-provoking videos, a troll that lives in Photoshop, a web genie that can read your mind, and of course, the Instagram stalker you never knew you had.

Remember This

This award-winning sci-fi short film will make you question the value of your life experiences. Set in a high-tech future where memories are traded like commodities, it tells the story of a woman who sells her personal experiences and memories in order to fund her expensive lifestyle. Kinda makes you wonder how much the memory of your first love is worth.

Death Becomes Us

There’s hope yet for all you jerks out there. According to this ad, even the world’s biggest asshole has redeeming qualities. There’s just one catch: You’ll have to die first. Played by actor Thomas Jane, Mr Sweeney is undoubtedly the worst human being ever to walk this earth. But he goes from zero to hero upon his untimely death because, for all his shortcomings, Mr Sweeny is an organ donor who ends up saving lives.

Crash, boom, Graham

If you knew what it takes for your body to survive a car crash, you might never get into a moving vehicle again. To show the frailty of the human body and what we might look like if we evolved to withstand car crashes, a trauma surgeon, a road safety engineer and an artist collaborated to create Graham, the only ‘person’ capable of surviving a crash. Let’s just say he’s not the prettiest upgrade.

Want to have your mind read?

Created (or summoned) by a French IT engineering company, Akinator is an online genie that can guess whoever you’re thinking of at the moment. The virtual prophet’s domain is restricted to the entertainment scene, though his knowledge is expansive, and covers YouTube stars, Hollywood celebs and even anime characters. The site gives you a series of multiple choice questions to answer while it zeroes in on who you’re thinking of. Megastars like Emma Stone or Tom Cruise are too easy for the web genie — make it more challenging for the genie with someone more obscure, like your favourite childhood cartoon character from years ago. Pro tip: The Akinator knows when you’re just trolling him with nonsensical answers.


Watch this short starring… your Instagram snapshots. Enter your Instagram handle, sit back and enjoy this (rather creepy) interactive film that hits a bit too close to home. In the video, a couple squabbles over a box full of photos — your IG pics superimposed into the vid — which, in the protagonist’s words, are shot by “a total stranger I obsess over via the Internet”. Sounds bizarre? Now you know how that hottie, ex, and/or pet that you’ve been stalking on social media feels.


Be careful what you wish for. Graphic designer James Fridman has been trolling Twitter users — at their behest. The funnyman obliges netizens’ Photoshop requests to side-splittingly funny results. Herewith, some of our favourite edits from Internet’s most beloved troll.

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