Six Ways To Kill Time Online

Are you ready to paint your deepest, darkest secrets?

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites (that sometimes prove really useful) and entertaining videos that will no doubt make you break more than a smile. Here’s this week’s interesting finds.


8ss2205 everest main
8ss2205 everest peak

What’s the view like from the top of the world? If undertaking the perilous expedition to the Mt Everest peak isn’t your kinda thing, but you still want to feel the grandiosity of screaming "I am the king (or queen) of the world" at 8,500 metres above sea level, Explore Everest does the heavy-lifting for you. Created by Discovery Channel, the site lets you start your 3-D journey ‘climbing’ from base camp, and even lets you pass by several noteworthy milestones such as the near-vertical Hillary Step. At the summit, you’ll even get to see China and Nepal loom in the distance. You don’t have to bring an oxygen tank for this — just plug in for the bone-chilling sound effects.


8ss2205 weavesilk main
8ss2205 weavesilk secondary

The artist in you is alive and well. Well, at least with the assistance of this interactive paint-spewing website that helps you create a real trippy image from the deepest recesses of your mind. With a wide array of tools to choose from — seven different colours to multiple folds of rotational symmetry — the possibilities here are endless. The best part? All images created with Silk are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you get to use, share or distribute as you like. This really brings us back to the days of Windows Media Player’s Ambience, except this is way cooler.


startup graveyard  1

To paraphrase Aaliyah, if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and… get featured on the Start-Up Graveyard. The obituaries for start-ups don’t merely list businesses that have failed, but also the reasons why they called it a day. It’s a fun way for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the mistakes of others — but not so fun if you see your (ex) company listed here.

Hairy Deed

What starts out looking like a fairly frivolous video about a woman at a hair salon quickly takes a dark turn when we find out the real reason she’s there. Staring forlornly ahead, the woman tells her hairstylist to lop off her long, luscious locks. But after each trim, she urges the reluctant hairstylist to go even shorter. Watch to the end to find out why.

Home Maker

When his housemates bail on him, this resourceful uni student from the UK makes a recruitment video to attract a new "clean, active, hardworking, and fun" housemate. In return, he promises potential candidates lots of fun nights out, burned food and, um, sexercise. Any takers?

Bench Warmers

According to Nescafé, all it takes to connect two strangers is a coffee and a red bench, as they attempt to prove in this social experiment. Fitted with sensors, they install aptly named ‘Hello Benches’ in a park that shortens when two people sit, thrusting unwitting strangers into each other’s personal space and helping them break the ice. A little too close for comfort, maybe?

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