Before The Sam Willows, there was Electrico, one of Singapore’s most successful bands. And if you’re familiar with the band, which topped charts with hits like ‘I Want You’ in the mid-noughties, you’ll recognise Amanda Ling as their sassy keyboardist who manages to steal the limelight from her bandmates just by, well, being on stage.

Who would’ve thought that the spunky rocker chick, now 35 years old, is on her way to becoming Singapore’s first certified KonMari consultant? In case it's not obvious enough, a KonMari consultant is someone who's qualified and approved by Marie Kondo herself to help others declutter with the KonMari method (the catchy portmanteau has become synonymous with the woman herself). That's right, if all goes according to plan, Amanda could become Singapore's very own Marie Kondo in a matter of months.

02 electrico 2
Amanda with the rest of Electrico

Since leaving Electrico in 2009 — the same year the rock-pop outfit wrote and performed the National Day song, ‘What Do You See’ — Amanda has joined a new band, taught yoga, conducted sound healing and meditation classes, and even DJs at events. But it was an amalgamation of all these experiences and serendipity that led her to the ways of tidying guru and now, Netflix star, Marie Kondo. But how do you go from just decluttering your own space to becoming Singapore's Marie Kondo?

We meet Amanda at a recent KonMari workshop she conducted at furniture store BoConcept to find out.