The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) has put out an open call to invite “women of all shapes and shades” to submit photos of their bums for an exhibition. Yes, you read that right. 

These posterior photos contributed will be part of local contemporary artist Amanda Heng’s Singirl Online Project, which centers on gender perceptions and national identity. It features a collection of bare bottoms of female volunteers. 

The Singirl Online Project is part of SAM's ongoing Wikicliki: Collecting Habits on an Earth Filled with Smartphones exhibition. The program also involves five other artists — Heman Chong, Chua Chye Teck, Debbie Ding, Bani Haykal and Charles Lim Yi Yong — and is held at the National Gallery Singapore until Jul 11.   

According to SAM’s social posts put up this week, the artist behind Singirl Online Project “puts forth a playful and defiant counterpoint to the ‘Singapore Girl’— a demure image of the Singapore Airlines stewardess which grew to become a uniquely Singapore icon and standard for feminine identity”.

sam fb data

The open call for women to submit snaps of their derrière has drawn ire from netizens. Some commented that “this is not art at all”, or called the move “abhorrent”. One questioned: “Why do women have to submit photos of our bottoms to challenge the image of the demure Singapore Girl to raise awareness of our status in society?”

A handful voiced their support for the artist. “To simply say that her data collection exercise degrades women is refusal to acknowledge the context in which her work/research is situated,” a netizen commented.

Wanna have a crack at it? Interested butt-icipants will have to head to a photo booth at National Gallery Singapore to take a shot of their bum.

More info at Wikicliki is on from now until 11 Jul at National Gallery Singapore (1 St Andrews Rd). Open 10am-7pm daily.

Photos: Unsplash/Charles Deluvio, Facebook/Singapore Art Museum