Relive The ’90s — 911, 5ive And S Club Are Coming To Town

Ahem, any chance of 911 reuniting with Fann Wong for a ‘Private Number’ duet?

If you grew up in the 90’s, this scenario might sound familiar: you’d stand by your stereo player waiting anxiously, then frantically press the record button to ‘tape’ your fave hits whenever it came on the radio. And if one of those hits you recorded on your cassette tape happened to be S Club’s ‘Bring It All Back’, 5ive’s ‘Everybody Get Up’ and 911’s ‘Bodyshakin’, you’re in for a night of nostalgia come Mar 10.

s club
S Club

Yup, 911, 5ive and S Club (nope, there aren’t seven of them anymore) are coming to our sunny shores for a concert. Diehard fans of ’90s pop will notice that some line-ups look a bit different (why is 5ive still 5ive, and not Thr33?).


But what we really wanna know is: will 911 try to hit Fann Wong up for a ‘Private Number’ reunion? We’re guessing all will be revealed on Mar 10, when the three British groups make their way here for the aptly-named I Love 90s Concert. 

I Love 90s Concert is on Mar 10 2018 at the Star Theatre, 8pm. Tickets on sale this Wednesday (Oct 25) at Sistic. For more info, go to


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