Quiz: Which Famous Girlboss Are You?

Take a quiz to find out if you’re more like a Rebecca Lim, Andrea Chong or these six other girlbosses we love. They’re proof that all you need to be a legit #girlboss is to be in charge, in control and be inspiring enough to create her-story.

What exactly is a girl boss? “Boss lady, lor,” those not clued in on millennial vernacular may say. Urban Dictionary defines it as “a woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work and life.” The original girl boss, NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso (who now has a Netflix series based on her memoir, #Girlboss), says “you don’t have to be the boss of anyone else.” A five-step programme to becoming a girl boss — the epithet of modern-day female empowerment — is something like this: 1) Hustle. 2) Kick ass. 3) Pick self up from setbacks. 4) Inspire. 5) Always ooze confidence, feistiness and sass from Steps 1 to 4.

We know which 8 girlbosses we love, but now comes the hard part: Which one are we most likely to be when we grow up? Luckily, that's easily sorted out with this quiz. Click on to find out.

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