Mustafa Centre has reopened today (May 6), but only its supermarket will resume operations, while the rest of the mall will remain shut. This comes after a closure of more than a month. The sprawling mall had been shut since Apr 4 after it was identified as a Covid-19 cluster. A total of 124 cases have reportedly been linked to Mustafa Centre.

Before you chiong over for essentials, here are a few things you should know about.

#1: Only the supermarket has reopened. While you could buy everything from electronics and jewellery to clothes and cars from Mustafa in pre-Covid-19 times, customers can only buy supermarket supplies now.

#2: It’s not open 24 hours. Mustafa Centre used to famously be open 24/7. But a Mustafa Centre employee tells 8 DAYS that its operating hours are now from 11am to 11.30pm.

#3: Only a limited number of shoppers allowed in. Mustafa Centre's managing director revealed to CNA that no more than 325 people will be allowed in the supermarket at any one time. In addition, only one entrance and two exits will be in use. 

#4: Entry granted only to those with identification. Bring your NRIC or FIN card, because these have to be scanned and your temperature has to be taken before you can enter. The Safe Entry system that is in place in other supermarkets and malls is also in place at Mustafa Centre.

Photo: Google Maps screenshot