Updated with review (Nov 30): Read on for our review of the free masks. Collection began at 10am today.

Singapore residents will get a free mask kit which contains two reusable masks and three reusable mask filters from Nov 30 to Dec 13. This is Temasek Foundation’s third nationwide mask distribution exercise. The masks given out this time are different from the pleated ones that were handed out previously.

The masks distributed this time are black MaskFitProShield masks, antimicrobial 3D shaped masks made from nanofiber non-woven fabric. Each one has three layers — an outer antibacterial layer that repels water droplets, a middle layer that’s a filter liner and an inner layer that absorbs saliva.

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The additional reusable filters provide added protection from saliva droplets or dust particles. However, you can use it without the filter in less crowded environments or during exercise.

The masks and filters can be washed up to 50 times. Alternating between the two masks every day? That should last you more than three months of wear. After 50 washes, the masks can still be used like ordinary masks, but with lesser antimicrobial effects.

They come in four sizes, from S to XL. However, masks in size S are only given out for free to children aged eight and younger — adults who want to get size S masks can purchase them for $12 per pair. Measure your size before traipsing to one of the 1,200 vending machines to collect your free mask kit —sizing guides are available at

Mask review: (Updated Nov 30)

We got our hands on the new Temasek Foundation mask kits and here’s a snap review: Open the pack to reveal an impressive two masks and three filters. The masks are light and breathable, with some space between your face and the fabric so the mask doesn’t get sucked in every time you breathe. There’s a wire at the nose bridge to keep the mask up, and the fit on your face and cheekbones is good, thanks to the shape and cut of the mask. There is good coverage on the face and under the chin. Secondary features — it looks good. The sleek and streamlined black mask is the most chio of the free masks given out so far. The filter which you can add in for extra security makes the mask heavier, of course, but in certain situations, like if you’re in a more crowded area, it’s safer. Putting in the filter is a little cumbersome and takes some practice. There’s a red adjustable band for the straps of the S size masks, and blue, black and green bands for the M, L and XL masks, which may make them easier to identify when you store and wash the masks for the family. — by Celine Tan 

Details to note
Who can collect? Anyone residing in Singapore with a government-issued ID, including citizens, PRs, Singapore Employment or work pass permit holders, and long term pass holders.
When? From 10am on Nov 30 to 11.59pm on Dec 13
From where?  From any of the 1,200 #StayMasked vending machines at more than 800 locations islandwide, including CCs, Plaza Singapura and Temasek Shophouse.
How to collect? Bring your ID and scan the barcode or key in your information manually. Collection on behalf of family members and friends is allowed as long as you scan their IDs or key in their ID info.
Can buy more? Additional masks are available for pre-order online from Nov 30 at $12 per mask kit. Collection at vending machines too. More info at

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