May The 4th Be With You! Here's Some Star Wars Trivia That Will Come In Handy Today

The pink droid is coming.

star wars robot

Happy Star Wars Day! Fans would probably love to know that  Singapore is receiving a very special guest this year as part of Star Wars Day celebrations, which includes the Star Wars Run, on May 4 and 5. Roving around and greeting fans at the F1 pit building will be the symbol of hope and courage R2-KT. The pink droid took Star Wars super-fan Albin Johnson, who will also be at the event, one whole year to build, and they both have since travelled around the world for charity and even cameo-ed in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. Johnson created it to keep his seven-year-old daughter Katie company when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2004, and this will be the first time R2-KT visits Singapore. Read on below to get even more in touch with the force.

11: No. of Star Wars movies, ie. all of them, which included the classic line “I have a bad feeling about this”.

star wars jabba

7: No. of people it took to portray one Jabba the Hutt in the early Star Wars movies. Three people were inside the Jabba costume (which, by the way, cost US$500,000 to create in the 1970s) to maneuver its arms, jaws, tongue, head, and tail; four more people were needed to control the eye and breathing movements, and to create hookah smoke from a cigar. 

star wars run

15,000: No. of people who participated in the inaugural Star Wars Run Singapore last year. 

3 hours: How long it took to film the famous scrolling text that opened A New Hope, “by carefully placing 2-foot-wide die-cut yellow letters over a 6-foot-long black paper background with a camera making a slow pass over them to mimic the crawl”, according to trivia collector Mental Floss.

$11,800: How much a Singaporean sold his Star Wars collection for — which included miniature figurines and a life-size Darth Vadar helmet ($820). Engineer Jeremy Sim did so to raise funds for the KK Hospital Health Fund last year, after his wife passed away from cancer. She had wanted to donate her belongings to charity after her passing, but her grieving husband wanted to keep them, and relinquished his Star Wars collection instead. 

The Star Wars Run is on May 5, F1 Pit Building, 4pm. For more info, go to

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