Make Like Willy Wonka And Go On A Chocolate Adventure At Universal Studios Singapore

It's not quite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but USS's latest attraction is still a sweet treat.

Imagine Charlie's amazing candy wonderland, but on a much, much, much smaller scale. That's Universal Studios Singapore's newest treat, a special — and happily, air-conditioned — attraction, where kids and kidults with a sweet tooth can indulge in candy, and more importantly, candy-coloured selfies. 

choc adventure uss main
Sugar high: Take pics with giant candy, do crafts, decorate cupcakes and eat chocolate. 

Unfortunately, the giant lollies, cake pops and marshmallows in Lollipop Land are not for munching on, but you can stuff your face at the Fondue Garden, where you'll be handed marshmallows to dip into towers of runny chocolate (pandan fondue, anyone?). Yum. Photos ops are aplenty at the Cocoa Hedge Maze (very Alice in Wonderland, but only kids will find this a challenge) and you can jostle for wefies with delicious characters such as Candice Cupcake (a sexy human cupcake, ooh-la-la), Mama Cookie and everyone's favourite choc chip addict, Cookie Monster. Every hour from 1-4pm daily, you get to decorate cupcakes and cookies at the Chocolate Garden, and of course, eat them. If you're feeling craftsy, you can also make and decorate lollipops (paper; alas not edible). No chocolate river, oompa loompas or magic chewing gum here, but it's a sugary trip nonetheless.

Meet Mama Cookie, Candice Cupcake, the Chocolate Man and Cookie Monster at the Chocolate Garden. 

cocoa hedge1
Get lost in a cocoa maze. Try not to eat the giant chocolate buttons in the hedges. 

Not quite a river of chocolate, but still yummy: Visitors can dip marshmallows into the chocolate fountains. 

The kiddos will love the cupcake and cookie-decorating station. Just be prepared to deal with the sugar rush after. 

choc waffles1
Waffle chocolate pops, anyone? Visitors can try special treats at the various F&B outlets at USS inspired by the new Chocolate Adventure attraction, such as these mini waffle desserts. 

Chocolate Adventure runs till May 28 at Universal Studios Singapore, and is included as part of regular paid admission to the theme park. 

Photos: Mark Lee

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