Listen To What The God Of Gamblers Has To Say About Buying Travel Insurance

Get ready for nostalgia.

From why you should read T&Cs of your travel bookings to why you should go to Oregon, USA, this week is all about quality ads.


 Remember the good old days when Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay duked it out at the casino in the iconic The Unbeatables? Now you can relive their stylo-mylo gambling moves in an unlikely place — Singapore Tourism Board’s latest campaign videos on travel planning. The trio of vids come complete with hilarious voice dubs (is that you, Phua Chu Kang?) and sound travel advice (always read through the T&Cs of your travel bookings, among others). In short: when it comes to holiday planning, don’t play play.


This travel ad for Oregon state in the US is an animated video heavily influenced by the works of Japanese animation legend, Hayao Miyazaki. From giant rabbits to flying whales, the clip is made even more magical by touching music. Oregonians  must be confident of their hometown, especially when their tagline is 'Only Slightly Exaggerated'. 

Hot off the Grill

To drive home the message that their burgers are flame grilled, fast-food giants Burger King staged a ‘car fire’ on the side of the highway and waited for kind Samaritans to come forward to help, even though the flames were really from a grill, and not an engine fire. So it’s a little mean-spirited, but at least the helpful folks were rewarded with freshly grilled burgers for lending a hand.

You’re Hired

Talk about dedication. To convince an ad agency to hire him for their Sprite account, Texan copywriter Chase Zreet sent a cover letter in the form of an entertaining Sprite-themed video, featuring himself dressed alternately in a green jacket and a yellow jacket with a lime or lemon pendant around his neck and rapping about his obsession with the soft drink. The agency was so impressed they hired him. Job seekers, take note.

Drinking Buddies

Good friends don’t let their mates drink and drive. They will, however, not think twice about embarrassing them into submission. Taking comic inspiration from the infamous pottery scene in the film Ghost, this campaign replaces Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with two dudes and the lump of clay with a beer. As the rest of the bar looks on, one guy embraces his buddy from behind and sings ‘Unchained Melody’ into his ear while clasping his pint in both hands. This is what friends are for.


hands 1

hands 2

The eyes may be the windows to your soul, but hands can tell you just as much, at least according to this Instagram account set up by one New York-based photographer. The @Subwayhands feed has nothing but close-up shots of the hands of passengers on the subway, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s oddly fascinating — and even strangely intimate — to see these limbs contorted, twisted or clenched. 


black 1

black 2

black 3

The box office success of Black Panther, the first Marvel movie featuring a nearly all-black cast, has theatres thirsting for more diversity in Hollywood films. Now an entire website has been created to back that cause. Legally Black reimagines famous movie posters like Harry Potter, Bridget Jones and Skyfall with black actors. Their message is as clear as black and white: Let’s have greater and better representation on film.

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