Listen To Peter Dinklage Talk About Cyberattacks

May help with Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms.

From finding out why it’s fun to have your ancestry mapped to Peter Dinklage's speech on cybersecurity, entertainment comes with learning this long weekend.

Blood Lines

The Try Guys, an online comedy quartet, decided to trace their true origins with 23 And Me, a genetics company that “reads your spit and tells you where your family’s from”. While some results were less surprising, others were a little questionable. Amusing, if you don’t mind splashing out US$150 (S$202), that is.

Ring It Up

If you like it, put a ring on it? Sorry, ladies, but Beyoncé got it all wrong. According to this vid by College Humor, the diamond engagement ring, which many of us associate as a symbol of love, is actually “intrinsically worthless” and nothing more than a very successful advertising campaign by diamond cartel, De Beers. You’re welcome, guys.

Subway Blues

The beauty of busking is to witness musicians parade their passion and talent. This video shows a rapper-cum-busker and a singer visiting the city who cross paths in the Berlin underground, and decide to spontaneously perform a mash-up of indie electro trip-pop group Phantogram’s ‘When I’m Small’ and the busker’s original song. Someone give them a recording contract already.

Kind of the Stone Age

If you could get anyone on your team during an apocalypse, this guy should be your No. 1 choice. This Bear Grylls wannabe builds everything — and we mean everything — using materials he sources from Mother Nature. To wit: he can construct a furnace and a tiled roof hut from mud. Cathartic to watch, and superbly useful if you’re planning on joining Survivor.

For Pete’s Sake

Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage lends his fame as the face of IT giant Cisco, tackling some big modern issues like cyberattacks. Even though what he says has nothing to do with dragons or White Walkers, you’re simply transfixed by his erudite speech. After all, he is Hand of the Queen.


ramen 1

ramen 2

ramen 3

Waiter, there’s a celebrity in my ramen. This one helluva yummy Instagram account serves up bowls of souped-up ramen, garnished with famous folks Photoshopped into the snaps. There’s a heavily-inked Harry Styles emerging from a piping hot bowl of noodles, Jennifer Aniston paddle-boarding in soup and Beyoncé sashaying down a runway of pork slices. It’ll bring on a few laughs…and a craving for ramen.

Wind Chaser

weather 1

weather 2

With ravaging storms getting increasingly common, a worldwide weather map showing real-time wind patterns and rainfall levels couldn’t be timelier. Zoom in to Singapore and see where
we get our rain and wind. Mouse over Houston to see the spiral of destruction left by Hurricane Harvey and watch the Category 4 hurricane playing out in front of you. It's hypnotising to watch, but this site sure is useful as well — it allows you check the weather forecast too. Best to click here before you pack that beach bag or picnic basket this weekend.

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