Listen To James Franco Talk About Philosophy

Also, does beauty have an expiry date?

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites and entertaining videos for your entertainment. This week's finds will inspire you to look at age in a new light, make you laugh and relate in a video about awkwardness, and brighten up your day with a forever-grinning James Franco.

Small Packages

Kids often have no say in where their parents are taking them for vacation. Not these tykes in this charming ad for the American airline set in a pint-size travel agency. Not only do the kids get to pick the destination, they also decide how much they want to pay. While one picks Barbados so he can hunt for pirate treasure, another is more pragmatic — he just wants some place with a bathroom. Priorities, people.

Coffee, tea or me

This hilarious music video pretty much sums up what happens when we bump into casual acquaintances at the gym, cafes or on the streets. After the rudimentary exchange of social niceties, someone will inadvertently break the awkward silence by suggesting they catch up over coffee someday. But, of course, neither party ever really follows through. Next time just say goodbye and move on.

Time’s Up

This ad for skincare brand SK-II hopes to remind women in their 30s that age is just a number. It follows three Asian women — in Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo — with ‘expiry dates’ tattoed onto their forearms. Instead of conforming to traditional roles of wife and mother, they spend their youth racking up accomplishments instead, all the while battling the pressure of an unspoken deadline imposed by society. Forty is the new 30, okay? (And how do you make that happen? Buy SK-II products!) 

Mix and Match

ss online alchem 1

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This site lets you have fun by seeing what you can produce by mixing the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. For example, mix Earth with Air and you get dust. And when you add Fire to dust, you have gunpowder. And when you pair gunpowder with Fire, you get an explosion. The combinations are endless. Be warned: this game of trial and error and discovery is addictive.

Philo and behold

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James Franco, movie star, filmmaker, author, poet… and now, philosopher. In his new YouTube channel ‘Philosophy Time’, Franco, currently a doctorate student at Yale, waxes lyrical with fellow academics on assorted topics from beauty to abortion and imagination. Great, if you can appreciate cheem stuff. For the rest of us, there’s plenty of glorious footage of a brow-deeply-knitted Franco in deep thought.

Camp You Believe It?

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A Canadian lady named Luisa has had it with vacationers who take glossy pictures of themselves pitching tents and hanging hammocks in the unlikeliest of campsites (seriously, underwater?). So much so that she started this Instagram account to ridicule their over-stylised, unrealistic snapshots. Just goes to show that some people take the notion of #tentlife a bit too far. Very campy fun. 

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