Laugh At What Kumar Has To Say To Queen Elizabeth In Netflix's The Crown Trailer

What happened when Singapore's queen of humour Netflix and chilled with TV royalty?

Cheer up with the Netflix trailer you've been waiting for, and Christmas ads that'll get you into the festive mood.

Two Queens, One Room

Netflix sure is doing something right when they engage local comedians for promo trailers. For season two of biographical drama The Crown, Kumar hangs out with Queen Elizabeth II, and dishes out LOL moments by endearingly addressing her as Lilibet, declares that he will make her over to “look more atas”, and shares that his vision for transforming the monarch will make her husband, Prince Phillip, “go gila”. We’re royally impressed.

Santa’s Helper

It pays to do white bearded old men in red suits a favour this time of the year. This festive bro-medy for Coca-Cola sees a mall elf save Christmas for Santa, whose sleigh has apparently broken down. The pair proceeds to rideshare around town, dropping off pressies and posting their shenanigans on Instagram. For his efforts, the mall elf gets just what he needs to impress his crush.  

Driver’s Seat

Some people get really hopped up on their morning Joe. But the patrons at this particular NYC café got a little more than they bargained for. To promote the second season of its motoring series, The Grand Tour, Amazon secretly installed motors on pieces of furniture at a coffee shop and turned the place into an impromptu full-on racing circuit. Fun!

Who your daddy?

This irreverent ad for a DNA home kit puts to rest the debate about the immaculate conception of Jesus once and for all. Mary and Joseph appear on a Jerry Springer-like show to prove that Joseph is not Mary’s baby daddy. God even appears as a fluffy cloud and gets a DNA swab. 

Sail To Hilarity 

Ladies, meet your new best friend. Sailor J, who started her channel a month ago, already has more than 150,000 subscribers, thanks to her original and self-deprecating take on subject matters like horoscopes, cosmetics, and relationships. She talks about contouring in this vid, and it really doesn’t matter if you understand the make-up process because you’ll wish her video was longer anyway. "If the men find out we can shape shift, they are going to tell the church,” she quips.


8ss1812 hundred1  read only

8ss1812 hundred2  read only

Most of us will never make it on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, so here’s the next best option: the 100 Under 100 list. You can be a full-time couch potato with nothing to your name and still make it onto this annual list. Created by an entrepreneur who was bummed about being excluded from the Forbes roll-call, this random list includes everyone from product developers to, er, puppies. The catch? You have to pay. At press time, you can get listed for $61. Any takers?

Graphite Beauty

graphite 1

graphite 2

Melt stress away with this drawing game. Short Trip is the first installment in a collection of interactive illustrations created by an Australian technical artist, and was created as a study into capturing how graphite on paper will look digitally. This means that the beautiful artwork you’ll see in this ‘short trip’ are all hand-drawn illustrations. You get to control a train chugging through a pristine European countryside (remember to stop and pick up travellers). Coupled with the sounds of nature and birds, the graphite drawings that come to life have a strangely soothing effect. 

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