If you love a game of paintball but aren’t a fan of sweating it out in the heat, then you may want to plan a journey to Jurong soon. Come again?

01a team building programmes

We’re referring to Snow City’s latest addition — the Winter Shooting Arena, which just launched on Sep 4. You and a small group of friends can duke it out in a Close Quarter Battle (from $33 for one round and one hour of snow play; for Singaporeans and PRs) in the 255sqm arena, or just test your marksmanship with some target shooting (from $19 for one round and one hour of snow play; for Singaporeans and PRs). 

The icy icing on the cake? All this is done in a space where the temperature is a very, very cool -13°C. The Winter Shooting Arena is open to guests aged 14 and above.

01b target shooting 2

There’s also a team of professionals on standby to guide you, and they’re no ordinary folks, okay? The team has over 20 years of shooting and coaching experience. One of them is Master Sergeant Kasmijan Kimin, a former master sergeant who served in the army for 40 years. He also happens to be an erstwhile national shooter who represented Singapore in the SEA Games, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. We’re not saying you’re about to be a world-class shooter just from a couple of sessions here, but hey, at least you’ll receive some help about your subpar shooting skills.