Welcome to #circuitbreaker life. From today (Apr 7) to May 4, most workplaces and retail outlets in Singapore will be shut, with only essential services in operation, as part of enhanced measures to inhibit the spread of Covid-19. 

As for the rest of us? Three words: Just. Stay. Home. 

How do you adjust to this new normal for the next month? For helpful tips, look no further than astronauts. These folks have stayed in a little metal container with just a handful of colleagues for months — in outer space. No such thing ducking out for grocery runs or a quick jaunt to the hawker centre to tapao food. Astronauts go through extensive training to prep physically and mentally for their time in space (in fact, they're quarantined on earth for two weeks before a flight to ensure that they don't carry any viruses onboard).

So if there’s anyone who knows a thing, or three, about staying indoors for a period of time, it’s them.

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