So, you’re not intending to use your SingapoRediscovers vouchers (SRV), but it doesn’t mean that you should let the $100 tourism credits go to waste — do some good and use  your vouchers for charity donations instead.

Waitaminute, you mean that’s possible?

You probably already know all about redeeming SRV for staycations, attraction tickets and local tours (if you don’t, read all about it here). But bet you didn’t know that you could use your SRV to buy attraction tickets to donate to charity.

This is done through the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign on, one of the five official SRV booking platforms. Folks can use their vouchers to buy various local tourism products, such as attraction tickets, which will go directly to beneficiary groups that is collaborating with for the duration of the redemption period, which ends Jun 30, 2021.

At the moment, they're seeking donations of 100 Singapore Zoo tickets for the beneficiaries of Boys’ Town to visit the zoo -- the goal is to get 15 children tickets ($23.40 each) and 85 youth tickets ($35.10 each) in donations


This is the first programme under the ‘Pay it Forward’ campaign, and is on from now until Jan 15, 2021. The next tie-up under this initiative will be announced in January.

How to buy? Click on the ‘Pay It Forward’ banner on, and purchase the tickets as you would a regular SRV package. The ‘Donate’ button will be disabled once they’ve reached their target.

Donate here. More info at
Photo: Gem Lyn via Unsplash, Wildlife Reserves Singapore