Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man swings into town this June and July, and he wants to hang out at Changi Airport's Terminal 3. From now till July 14, there will be a slew of activities and promotions featuring the new Spidey movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which opens here July 2. 

So what's exciting? First off, lots of photo opportunities. And not just ordinary photo ops where you pose with Spider-Man statues, but trick-eye photo ops, which make it look like you're hanging upside down in Peter Parker's room, exchanging web messages (hur, hur) while perched on top of buildings in Prague, and taking a gondola ride in Venice, in scenes straight out of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Also special, an exhibition featuring actual Spider-Man costumes from the film, flown in exclusively from Hollywood. And what's a school holiday special without attempts to tire the kids out? There's an adventure playground for web-slinger wannabes, where they can climb 'webs', swing on a zip-line, and dive into danger and excitement (actually, just foam cubes — don't worry, very safe).

So what's free and what do you have to spend money on?

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