She has cooked everything from crabs and cake to barbecued meats and roast fish — from her office desk. Her unconventional choice of cookware: CPUs, office fans, water dispensers, and even stationery.

While most plebs microwave their food in the office pantry, Ms Yeah (whose real name is Zhou Xiaohui) would rather cook beef slices at her desk with an iron. Two years ago, she did it, uploaded a video of it, and of course it went viral. She became one of the biggest Internet sensations of 2017 and the WWW was, and still is, obsessed. Two years later, her recipe for Internet fame is still a winning one: use everyday office supplies to whip up lavish meals at her desk, always with a deadpan expression on her face, and never not surrounded by nonplussed co-workers.

01a ironing beef
Two years ago, Miss Yeah posted a video where she used an iron to grill beef slices at her desk. This vid has garnered over 4.4mil hits on YouTube.

The 24-year-old, who hails from Chengdu, shot that first video with just one colleague using an iPhone. Today, the content creator in a creative media company now has a team to come up with even more out-of-this-world cooking shenanigans in the office. Miss Yeah has since churned out close to 100 videos in the past two years, each outdoing the last, and boasts over 14mil followers in total on YouTube and Weibo.

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