How Strong Is The Relationship With Your Bae?

And other internet gems to kick-start your week.

Every week we scour the Internet for fascinating sites and entertaining videos for your entertainment. This week's finds include Trump the Poet, free art eBooks and the fate of your love life. 


When it comes to difference, children see things differently. In this heartwarming video, pairs of kids are asked what makes them different from each other. Their innocent unscripted answers don’t zoom in on obvious things like race and gender, but on simpler things like their preferences for ketchup and, er, toe size. And we just adore those Brit accents.


This hilariously quirky ad plays on the Thai people’s disdain for the high-handed behaviour of their policemen. It opens with a cop confronting a motorist for carrying unlikely contraband. We won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll probably be thinking of Thai cops the next time you scoff down something rich.


Nothing like a little false advertising to get your point across. To prove the effectiveness of the online medium, one agency pulled a fast one on commuters in a Madrid subway station while promoting the Ghostbusters movie. They installed loudspeakers to reproduce sounds of an arriving train and waited to see what passengers did when the ‘ghost train’ arrived. The spooky stunt was shared online and reached over 50mil users. Point taken.


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No, the Google generation does not resort to the old-school way of plucking petals off a rose to decide if “he (or she) loves me, or loves me not”. Instead, they go high tech. This site claims to predict if your relationship is built to last... with a six-question quiz. Created by a tech firm using an advanced automation tool, the results are based on a Stanford study that tracked thousands of couples over several years to find out the secret behind the staying power of relationships. You may want to take the results with a bucket of salt, though. Just ’cos the odds are stacked against a May-December romance doesn’t mean that yours is doomed.


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You can find poetry in everyday life, books and… Donald Trump’s tweets? The POTUS has been given many nicknames — Commander in Chief, Braggart in Chief, Troll in Chief. And now, he’s also Poet in Chief. This site turns Donald Trump’s child-like Twitter rants into poetry… and it’s really just random nuggets of nothingness. Kudos for staying true to the essence of the original author.


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Thick hard-covered art books that used to only have a place on an art lover’s bookshelves are now available for one and all on Guggenheim’s online archive. Yes, the best of art literature featuring the masterpieces of Picasso, Kandinsky, Joseph Cornell and the like are available for free — not just to read, but to download in PDF and other formats. This is thanks to the iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, which has been digitising over 200 of its exhibition catalogues and books for its archives. Even if you don’t consider yourself an arts connoisseur, it’s hard not to appreciate the old-school beauty of the covers,

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