In case you missed it, you can now earn up to $380 in vouchers from the Health Promotion Board (HPB), just by tracking your health on an app. LumiHealth, a collab between the Singapore government and Apple, doles out personalised health and wellness challenges and you’re rewarded for completing them. It has been available since Oct 28, and the programme will run for two years.

To take part, you’ll need to have an Apple Watch and an iPhone with iOS 13 or later — the challenge is tied to several Apple Watch apps. Only Singapore residents aged 17 and above with a SingPass account are eligible to take part. Just download the free LumiHealth app from the App store and you’re good to go.

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What to know before you get started
LumiHealth is an in-app game where you’ll go on an intergalactic journey with a cute protagonist named Lu. For Lu to progress in his journey, you’ll need to fuel him up by earning points through a series of challenges.

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As he moves along, he’ll reach certain milestones and you’ll be rewarded with coins when he does. Accumulate a certain number of coins in order to redeem them for HPB eVouchers that you can use IRL.

There are three types of challenges you’ll have to complete:
#1: Wellness challenges: These holistic challenges may be the easiest to do, but it takes discipline to complete them. They include taking time out for family and friends or learning to manage stress.
#2: Activity challenges: Every week, you’ll be challenged to close all three Activity rings (Move, Stand, Exercise) on your Apple Watch for a certain number of times per week.
#3: Personalised challenges: Personal recommendations and reminders for health screenings, articles to read, and surveys to do, among others.

Every 300 coins in the game gives you $1 in HPB eVouchers. You need at least 1,500 coins (or $5) before you can redeem eVouchers, and it's possible to earn up to $380 over two years. You can use the eVouchers at any of the partner merchants (there are currently 46 listed on the site), including Watson’s, Guardian, FairPrice, Giant, Koi, LiHo and Tangs.

We tried out the app for a week and earned, ahem, a grand total of $5.20 worth of e-vouchers (better than nothing, okay?). Not bad considering we hardly broke a sweat doing it.