Here's How To Look Fantastic With This Latest iPhone Ad

Everyone can look beautiful now.

Rev up your week with these choice YouTube picks and more.

Oh, Snap!

Who needs Photoshop when you’ve got an iPhone? The iPhone’s new portrait mode is so impressive that it can make anyone look good. So when a barber discovers the mode on his phone and starts hanging snapshots of his customers' haircuts in the window, his quiet old-school barbershop becomes the toast of the town with long queues around the block. Hello, good-looking.

Bend It Like Deadpool 

It’s no secret that Deadpool’s a potty-mouthed hero. And he knows that too. This video shows Ryan Reynolds in full Deadpool regalia visiting David Beckham at home to apologise for making fun of the football star who “sounds like he mouth-sexed a can of helium” in the first Deadpool movie. He comes bearing peace offerings — balloons, a full choir, etc. Nothing works until he presents Becks with a pair of World Cup tix. All is forgiven? Almost. Watch to find out why Beckham’s the one who gets the last laugh.


What should you do when you receive a wrong number text message from someone who thinks you’re his landlord, and insists on you doing maintenance work on his flat? Comedian James Veitch’s sketch on what happened when someone did that to him is both hilarious and refreshing. He even pulls out a PowerPoint presentation for the poor guy after relentlessly describing plans to destroy the house.

Live Feed

Ikea conducted a live experiment to show the impact of negative behaviour like verbal bullying by, um, bullying plants. For 30 days, one plant ‘listened’ to audio recordings of hurtful comments while the other plant got showered with positive comments. The results were visual and rather startling. If being mean does this to plants, imagine what it does to human beings. Just be nice, okay?

Cold Cuts

We’re sure you remember the ice bucket challenge. But do you recall how it all started or what it was even for? It was a charity stunt meant to educate the public about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This PSA for ALS drops the ice and cuts closer to the bone by humanising the condition. Featuring a real victim of ALS who can no longer speak or breathe on his own, the video shows the cruelty of the disease and the impact it has on families. Chills you more than a bucket of ice.


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Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. If you have to hear the harsh truths about life anyway, why not take it from the adorable Truth Potato? Truth Potato tells it like it is on this Instagram account, doling out hard-to-swallow nuggets alongside a cute pic of himself. Random, but cute. Who says carbs are always bad for you?

No Paint, No Gain

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8ss2105 colour 2

If you like doodling your favourite Marvel superhero, now is the time to bring him or her to life. Okay, at least add some colour to their lives. Paintschainer colourises any sketch that you upload. All you need to do is to apply a dab of the colour you want and sit back and let AI do the rest. 

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