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Got Unused Make-Up Products? Donate It To This Funeral Company For Embalming Purposes

What products are actually needed for embalming — and what should not be donated?

Got Unused Make-Up Products? Donate It To This Funeral Company For Embalming Purposes

You’ve heard of donating items to charity, for recycling and even to thrift stores. But what about donating cosmetic products to a funeral company for embalming purposes? 

Yes, members of the public can donate make-up products to Casket Fairprice from now until Jan 17, 2023, as part of its 'Dignity for the Departed' donation campaign. The products will be used in the embalming process.

“Through this, Casket Fairprice hopes to reduce wastage of normally neglected or thrown away make-up products, many of which can be repurposed for face and body restoration,” the funeral services provider said in a press release.

These are the items that can be donated:
- Concealers (most required as it gives high coverage)
- High coverage foundation
- Eyebrow pencils
- Blushers
- Lipsticks
- Setting powders/sprays

Do not donate these:
- Highlight or contouring products
- Mascara (rarely used unless requested by the deceased’s family)
- False eyelashes
- Double eyelid tape

To donate, mail or drop off the products at Casket Fairprice (37 Sin Ming Drive #01-571) from Sunday to Friday (8.30am-4.30pm) and Saturday (8.30am-1pm).

Unused make-up items, especially those that are brand new, unopened and still in their packaging, are most ideal as this allows the embalming team to verify the expiry date and usability of the product. Lightly-used items can be sent over, but these can only be considered for use after the embalming team performs a check to ensure it’s still appropriate for use.

“Embalming is often not a one size fits all process due to the different situations that we may face, thus we provide our embalmers with a variety of make-up options to help them deliver quality service,” Rachael Tay, Corporate Development Manager at Casket Fairprice, tells 8Days.

Casket Fairprice usually purchases specialised mortuary cosmetics and commercial make-up for embalming.

The embalming process typically takes one to two hours, depending on the condition of the body, with hair and make-up taking up a quarter of the time.

What are the most important considerations when it comes to doing make-up during the embalming process? 

“Embalmers need to carefully analyse the condition of the skin to decide on which make-up is suitable,” Rachael reveals.

“For foundation or concealer, it is important to match the right shade to the skin tone or else it may look unnatural to the bereaved family  a blend of professional mortuary cosmetics and regular cosmetics is often used. Generally, for lipstick, a neutral shade will be applied for men, and for women, a shade of red that they wear often. Products like false eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner are very seldom used, unless requested by the family. Bright make-up colours are avoided unless requested by the family.”

How did the idea for this one-of-a-kind campaign come about, we ask.

“As the year is coming to an end, many are decluttering their homes and getting ready for the new year. Personally, I found many unused cosmetics that I had previously bought and forgotten about or those that I have been gifted that didn't suit me. I also have make-up that was not used due to the pandemic and they were still in good quality,” she tells us.

“Instead of throwing those away, I thought it would be a good idea to repurpose them to be used during the embalming process. I’ve also found many of my friends have also been very supportive when I relayed the idea to them, with some even offering to donate some of their own unused cosmetics.”

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