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Got Any Burning Questions? Get Them Answered With This New Google AI

Yes, it knows even Kanye West.

Got Any Burning Questions? Get Them Answered With This New Google AI

Revel in our YouTube picks and a mighty AI this week.

Shell Shock

A snack brand uses Venus de Milo to promote their no-shell nuts in this rather silly and borderline offensive ad. Apparently, when the classical statue isn’t busy being one of the most famous pieces of art at the Louvre in Paris, she does very average things like grocery shopping, albeit without arms. While she’s fairly adept at getting around armless, there’s just no way she can de-shell her own pistachios. Point made, if a little poorly executed.

Love Theme

Cancer is a terrible disease that wrecks lives. But cancer in a child is a hundred times more heartbreaking. This touching animated short film shows the emotional toll that childhood cancer takes on a kid, as well as family and friends. And it ends with an uplifting message that love is the most powerful force against cancer.

Bugging Out
It’s hard to make an ad for pest control look appealing. So this one gives it a supernatural twist. Instead of your regular bug infestation, the homeowner in this ad has a much more alarming issue. She takes the pest buster through her house and into her kitchen where her pest problem is. Unfortunately, not even the best pest busters can get rid of werewolves.

Mayer Wings It

John Mayer fans, this episode of YouTube series Hot Ones, where celebs get grilled while eating the spiciest chicken wings on Earth, is one to watch. The ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ hitmaker scarfs down hot wings while talking about Justin Bieber the “melody wizard”, and his love of Dave Chappelle and sneakers. All the while being very charming, of course.

The Dog’s Out Of The Bag

Will your dog save you if you were assaulted? That’s what this viral experiment, where a ‘burglar’ barges into the house and attacks dog owners, aims to find out. If you’re a dog owner who’s always been so proud of the fact that Lucky’s such a brave pooch, you’ll be shocked by these results. Some of the furry friends run for their lives, but there are a couple of cute canines who pull off a surprise or two.

Bookworms, check this out. Google has launched a new AI-powered search tool Talk to Books to answer your completely random burning questions. Just ask a question, and the tool scans over 100,000 titles to find passages from books that are related to your query. “Is Kanye West a narcissist?” results in several mentions of narcissism in books, including one from a memoir written by his late mother, Donda West, that claims “for those who really know him, Kanye is anything but arrogant.” With this tool, you’ll never ever judge a book by its cover again. Pretty lit(erature), if you ask us.
What would a movie look like if it were condensed into one single page? Colours of Motion crunches down an entire film into psychedelic prints. There’s nothing haphazard about it, okay? Explore scenes from the movie by clicking on the different coloured lines — each one represents a scene in the movie based on the scene’s colour composition. Who knew Captain America: The First Avenger was so… blue and brown?



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