You probably already knew that Singapore's a global shipping hub. But do you know we even have lighthouses situated on top of HDB flats and condos? Or that Singapore's influence on the seas goes way back to the 1300s, and was once part of the Maritime Silk Route that linked practically the whole world (excluding the Americas)? Intrigued by our maritime past? Head to the recently revamped and kid-friendly Maritime Experiential Museum (MEM) at Resorts World Sentosa, which features 15 thematic galleries dedicated to exploring the iconic Maritime Silk Route. Read on below to find out more about what you can do at the Maritime Experiential Museum, or swipe left for more trivia.

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Jewel Of Muscat

In 1998, something groundbreaking took place: The famed Belitung vessel, which started its voyage from Africa and carried the largest single collection of Tang Dynasty treasures, was discovered off the coast of Indonesia. This gave important insight to trade between China and the Middle East around 830BC. So of course a ship was built based on Belitung's design, named the Jewel of Muscat. It sailed in 2010 from Oman to Singapore in 138 days, and accomplished its journey using traditional navigational tools and a crew of 15 sailors. You can view the Jewel in all its glory at the MEM. And if you've ever wondered what it feels like to be on a sinking ship, slink over to the immersive Typhoon Theater at the MEM, which simulates a sinking ship in a treacherous storm. And you don't even have to get wet. 

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Pirate Encounter

Kids and adrenaline junkies alike will adore this multi-sensory gallery titled the Pirate Encounter, where guests will be taken through a multi-deck walkway and 'survive' a pirate invasion on a burning ship.

8 DAYS has 20 pairs tickets to give away. Simply answer the following question below: How many thematic galleries are there at The Maritime Experiential Museum? The Maritime Experiential Museum is at Resorts World Sentosa and opens daily from 10am to 7pm. Tickets are $16 (adults, $14 for Singapore residents) and $10 (kids between 4-12, $8 for Singapore residents) from Contest ends Apr 8.


Photos: Resorts World Sentosa

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