What's better than a giant bouncy castle? Fifteen ginormous bouncy kingdoms made up of a menagerie of wacky and wildly colourful creatures. After making their rounds at several malls as a series of pop-up exhibits, the animals of Art-Zoo have reconvened at The Float @ Marina Bay, ready to reduce kids and kidults alike to squealing, sweaty puddles. (Story continues below)

black forest
The Black Forest contains gorillas, zebras and quaggas (a type of zebra that's extinct!)
Part of the i Light Marina Bay festival, Art-Zoo — part art installation, part amusement park — is a massive wonderland of huge inflatable creations, and is set to awe and inspire at its second year at the festival. Sprung from the imagination of local creative Jackson Tan, who was inspired by his childhood memories of the Singapore Zoo and the old HDB animal playgrounds, this year’s highlight is the Magical Rainbow, a unicorn that stands at a height of four-and-a-half double-decker buses and features a — ahhhh!!! — rainbow slide. Unicorn. Rainbow. Slide. And as if that alone isn’t already worth the $18 entry fee, its pals are equally fun-tastic.

bubbly bear bath
150,000 balls in a giant teddy bear ball pit? Pure, unadulterated joy. 

The kiddos will love the Bubbly Bear Bath, a colourful giant bear in a tub filled with over 150,000 balls and cute details like a giant inflatable body brush and an oversized bar of soap. Another highlight is The Beetles — you can enter the speckled dome of the largest ladybird and push around lighted balls inside.

Buggy ride: Enter the insides of the largest ladybird for some respite from the sun and kick/push around some big lighted up balls. Fun!

Flamingo-go here: The Pink Lagoon could be filled with water and turned into a giant pink inflatable pool. 

little kong
Kong: Fun Island: Set against the backdrop of the Marina Bay financial district, Art-Zoo is a sight to behold, and the site of a thousand stunning Instagram pics. 

yellow woods
Bounce Bounce Bounce with the friendly tiger and friends. 

Some tips: It can get really hot — if you go in the day, bring lots of sunblock and water — the sun blazes down on the animals and there's nowhere to hide (except inside the ladybird). The best time to hit the park would be around 5.30pm — it’s not too crowded and there’s still light for some great pics (this place was built for Instagram), and in a short while, when the crowds come in, you can enjoy golden hour and some respite from the sun and really go for the bounce. When night hits, this zoo really lights up. Better than the Night Safari, maybe?

8 DAYS has two sets of 4 tickets to give away. Entry form below! Art-Zoo Inflatable Park is at The Float @ Marina Bay and is open till April 1, 5pm to 10pm on weekdays and 3pm to 10pm on weekends and school holidays. Tickets are $16.80 (online) and $18 (onsite), free for kids under 24 months, from

Photos: Courtesy of Art-Zoo. Selected photos by @celine_tan_