Giveaway: Art-Zoo Tickets — Bounce On Giant Inflatable Animals

Inflatable wonderland is equal parts art and amusement park.

If your childhood fantasy is to be swallowed by a giant whale, engulfed by a venus flytrap or to frolick with a massive spider, you're in luck.

Okay, maybe we made it sound like the stuff of nightmares, but really, Art-Zoo is every kid's wildest bouncy castle dreams come true. Because what's better than a giant bouncy castle? Eleven giant bouncy castles that look like cute, colourful animals, that's what. Part of the i Light Marina Bay festival, Art-Zoo is a vast wonderland of ginormous inflatable installations at The Float @ Marina Bay, from the imagination of local creative Jackson Tan, who was inspired by his childhood memories of the Singapore Zoo and the old HDB animal playgrounds. Kids scream with joy the minute they run into Art-Zoo, and adults will also be tempted to jump onto the floats. A highlight is the massive whale — enter to kick balls around the creature's giant insides. A tip: If you go in the day, bring lots of sunblock and water — the sun blazes down on the animals and there's nowhere to hide (except inside the whale). It's not all fun and games — the art installation also aims to teach kids and kidults about wildlife and creating a sustainable world. For example, did you know that bears can see colours, unlike many other mammals? 

8 DAYS has two sets of 4 tickets to give away. Entry form below! Art-Zoo is at The Float @ Marina Bay and is open 5pm to 11pm on weekdays and 2pm to 11pm on weekends, till March 26. Tickets are $15 from More info at

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