Get Your Heart Pumping With This Parkour Video Featuring Hong Kong

Don't try this at home.

From Bill Gates discussing overpopulation to watching heart-stopping parkour, it's all about engaging your brains and brawn.

It’s okay to be good

It’s a fact that Earth is overpopulated. It’s also a fact that there are many living below the poverty line, battling malnutrition and diseases. Will saving the lives of these impoverished people lead to even more overpopulation? Thankfully, according to Bill Gates, the answer is no. When families get healthier, they choose to have less children, says Gates. 

Great Heights

Parkour is a sport that requires participants to get from one point to another in the fastest and, oftentimes, the most dangerous way. But this parkour group takes it to the next level. Their recent adventure is this escape video shot in Hongkong where they jump from rooftop to rooftop. Adrenaline aside, you’ve got to really give it to them for their route plans (which they show in other videos) since one misstep can prove fatal. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Real Fake

In the lead up to New York Fashion Week, fashion brand Diesel opened what’s likely the world’s first authentic knock-off store. The counterfeit shop on New York’s notorious Canal Street blatantly hawked intentionally misspelt ‘Deisel’ products. Unbeknown to shoppers, these ‘fakes’ were actually one-of-a-kind items specially crafted by Diesel’s design team. Guess your ‘Channel’ tee could also pass off as a collector’s item now.

Train of Thought

This short film by acclaimed filmmaker Peter Chan is Apple’s attempt to boost sales in China with some good ol’ emotional blackmail. Shot entirely on the iPhone X, it tells the story of a female train conductor in China who misses Chinese New Year with her son every year because of work. This time, however, she gets her sister to bring him to one of the train stops for the briefest of reunions. Sweet, if a little manipulative. 

Love Fool

This animated PSA hopes to inform young women that abuse needn’t be physical. Emotional and verbal abuse in a relationship count, too. Set to the upbeat tune, ‘Walkin’ on Sunshine’, the video shows a teen girl so caught up in her new romance that she mistakes her beau’s possessiveness and controlling tendencies as love. Let’s hope it doesn’t sound too familiar. 


2602 coach 1

2602 coach 2

Want to know if your other half is The One? This site generates a custom link for you and your partner to find out your relationship’s expiry date. Regardless of the result, relax — this is just a gimmick for Netflix’s sci-fi series Black Mirror’s raved-about episode, ‘Hang the DJ’. The pseudo-psychic tool is a mock-up of the dating app featured in the ep where a virtual coach pairs users up and dictates how long their relationship will last. Just like on the show, you and your partner will be given the number of hours left before your break-up. We sent the link meant for our partner to ourselves, just for fun. And we learnt that our relationship with ourselves would end in, er, 25 minutes. R.I.P self? 


2602 tv 1

2602 tv 2

Think you’re pop culture savvy? This site, complete with a stunning image of a room cluttered with TV show references and a groovy ’80s electronic soundtrack, tests how many allusions you can catch. Simply type the name of the TV series to gain points, and zoom in if you need a closer look. There’s even a global leaderboard and a social media share function to flaunt your status as king or queen of pop culture. 

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