Get Your Fortune Read With This Virtual Shrine

Who doesn't like free predictions?

Some reminders that the world we live in ain’t so bad after all  - there are free e-fortune cookies and a website to help you write better, among other must-clicks on the WWW.​​​​​​​

Behind The Mask

This actor has played big roles in Fantastic Four, Batman Returns, and this year’s Best Picture winner at the Oscars, The Shape of Water. But if you meet him on the streets, you’ll never recognise him. Doug Jones, who played the Amphibian Man in Guillermo del Toro’s Best Picture masterpiece, is an American actor who often wears heavy make-up to play fantastical characters. Find out what it takes to go from human to superhuman in this mini-docu. It’s definitely no walk in the park.

Box Story

Retail giant Walmart tapped on an all-female team of directors to film their new series of ads, each based on a true story. One of them was funnywoman Melissa McCarthy. Her short film features an overweight woman who steps into a Walmart box/portal and goes back in time to empower her younger self, who later pays it forward. Now, where do we get that box?

Sight Seeing

Car maker Subaru’s new ad shows viewers a new way of seeing with the truly blind leading the figuratively blind. The story opens with a young couple inquiring about the location of a remote trail. To their surprise, a blind man offers to take them there and proceeds to teach them to see without seeing. It’s all rather inspiring, even more so when you realise that the guide in the ad is really blind and that he actually does take sighted people out on trails.

Dead Man’s Curve

This Audi ad opens with a man on his deathbed surrounded by his loved ones. Flashback scenes show a life well lived. “I’ve squeezed every drop of juice out of this life,” he concludes. “I’m ready for the next one.” Just as he flatlines, an Audi RS 5 Coupe roars into the driveway and the dead man’s eyes immediately snap open. Who knew Audis were the new miracle in medical science?

It Was A Wonderful World

Remember a time when everything was simpler and happier? It’s been almost 10 years since Discovery released this commercial that featured amazing shots of astronauts, sailors, tornado-chasers, and more — all singing along to the iconic cheery tune. Revisiting this ad really shows you how different today’s world has become.Come on, when was the last time you saw such a happy celebration of the world?


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Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan for an omikuji, a fortune-telling strip of paper that the Japanese typically get during the first shrine visit of the New Year. Instead of going to a shrine, click on this site where this virtual Omikuji machine, the brainchild of a Japanese ad agency, will dish out predictions for 2018. ‘Shake’ a virtual box full of sticks, and it churns out ‘predictions’ as accurate as… a fortune cookie you get from the supermarket. One of our virtual lots read: “Be mindful of your impulses. Can you really afford that? You are not Kim Kardashian, you know!” Sassy.


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quill 2

This site is apparently “the smart thesaurus for sentences” — it uses artificial intelligence to paraphrase sentences for you. It’s still in beta, but the fact that it can recognise which words to replace without compromising the overall meaning of the sentence is remarkable. Remember to play around with the Quill Strength, which determines how much creative freedom (and chance of making mistakes) the AI gets. You’ll know when your friends are on this once they start posting more cheem Instagram captions. 

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