Winter has come to the Singapore Zoo.

HBO’s Emmy-feted drama series Game of Thrones isn’t exactly a show for young children. Savage warfare, torture, nudity, debauchery, and, er, twisted family couplings aren’t exactly the stuff of wholesome family entertainment.   

But there’s something G-rated that GOT fans can do with their younglings — a trip to the Singapore Zoo. There, they can check out a 3D replica of Viserion, aka the Night King’s Ice Dragon.

It’s one of 17 life-like animatronic mythical creatures on display at the Singapore Zoo’s Dragon & Beast showcase, which starts tomorrow (Nov 17) and will run until Dec 31.

The other fantastic beasts in the Valley of Myths include popular ones such as the unicorn and the cyclops, as well as the lesser known Baku and Ninki Nanka. 


You can also learn about the real-life animals that inspired these imagined wild things. Did you know that the unicorns were inspired by prehistoric rhinos while  the Naga's fictional DNA can be traced to the King Cobra?

During the weekends, there will be mythical beast-themed activities lined up, including guest appearances by the Night King and his White Walkers (Nov 17-18 and Nov 24-25, at 11am and 2pm). 

Hopefully, that should tide GOT fans over until the eighth and final season premieres next April on HBO (StarHub Ch 601) and HBO Go. Between now and then, you can catch-up on the previous seven seasons on HBO Go.

The Dragon & Beasts showcase is on at the Singapore Zoo, Nov 17-Dec 31. Zoo admission: $35 for adults, $23 for children 3-12 years old. For more info, visit

Photos: Wildlife Reserves Singapore; ZXT

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